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Vocabulary: Words I meant to use

So...for some reason I always want to start every blog post out with the word 'so'. I think it aloud and almost type it and then always change it so that I am not using 'so' to begin each and every blog post. More than anything it is simply the word to tell my brain, ok brain we are going to write now. I often talk that way too, saying 'so' first as a way to let people know I'm veering off the straight and narrow within conversation and going my own way. As in, "So! I have this really cool idea if I could only get you to go along with it too we will both have loads of fun."

I am rambling on now and what I really meant to write about was words. I often find myself with a lack of truly awesome words to use in my writing and daily conversations with adult type people.  I used to be SO (oh! I also use SO to make what I'm saying much grander and urgent than it really is) incredibly good at using the just the right words to convey my meaning exactly but in a non-confrontational way. Vocabulary has power. Don't ya know? I often blurt things out, brilliant ideas even, and they just sound crude because they lacked the right words.

This is a dangerously embarrassing confession, but in Middle School I would read the dictionary on the way home on the school bus. Yes, I was a complete dork, but a smart dork. I loved finding new words to just throw into every day conversations. For example once I said casually to my best friend. "Wow! Look how beatific you are today. " To which she replied with a look that said, Your a total dork. And she was right.

Well, I've been thinking lately. (Scary thought I know!) With Mommy Brain, having had 4 kiddos and talking to little persons all day, my brain cells are pretty much fried. I've gotten really lazy with my vocabulary. Especially since those little persons are all guys and therefore long lengthy speeches full of eloquent words are not necessary. Their preferred methods of communication involves one word commands and various grunt and nod sequences. I'm not saying this is bad, just the facts about the level to which my vocabulary has fallen. 

To perk up my lacking vocabulary skills. I've got a list going. (bear with me I'm type A) I've been writing down any completely cool words I come across and I'm going to try to use them in my everyday life.
For today my 3 newly loved words were:




 Aren't they grand?  I've already used them today in comments on other blogs or in phone conversations. 
Maybe it will also make a difference in my writing and my dangerous addiction to my Thesaurus.

If you've got any truly marvelous words or just ones that are fun to say send them my way.

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Xuxana said...

You've got to love the word 'umpteenth'. My mom used to shout it to me all the time.

'For the umpteenth time, Suz, do as you're told!'


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

What a capital concept!

Kristy Quinn said...

So.. I loved this post! LOL I feel you more than you know! My vocabulary is pitiful and I don't even know why. I don't think it always was. It's gotten better since I began writing my book series but when I talk to adults sometimes, I can't think of the right word to match the emotion I am trying to get across.I wonder if my brain falls asleep since I'm so tired. lol Hi.. I'm Kristy, I've been pregnant 8 times, have 4 daughters and my vocabulary is limited to... Did you poo poo? Are you hungry? What time is it? Sit down. Shhh mommy needs you to be quiet. You're now in time out... and... don't interupt your sister. hahahaha *hugs mama*

Zoo Mommy said...

Hey April! Thanks for the lemonade-stand award! I posted my nominees today ( I couldn't get the photo to post? Have any of your other nominees had problems with it? Maybe for the umpteenth time...:)

Charlotte said...

I hate when I know there is the perfect word to describe what I mean, but my mommy brain has misplaced it somewhere in it's depths.

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