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"My hero!" Mentors for writers

One of my New Years resolutions was to start getting serious about my writing. It has always been one of those someday things in my life. Someday I'll get around to writing that book, editing that poem, or writing that article. Well someday it TODAY!

I know that writing is a journey, being an author is a quest, and actually getting published is like the Holy Grail. Taking all this into account, I've got to be extremely realistic and practical (good thing those are some of my better qualities). I'm taking baby steps to those big goals.

One piece of advice I've heard is to get a mentor. This advice is good advice for any profession. Find someone or several someones whom you admire or look-up too. Who inspires you? If you find yourself saying " I want to be so-and-so when I grow up!" Well, they are a mentor for you!

This step of my quest is all about finding those people that inspire me. I'm learning about why they inspire me. How can I have what they have? What do they do that I don't? What can I learn from them?

I've started a list and then I'll fine tune it. It is a list of those people I am finding. They are like a list of Greek gods and goddesses. The goddess of prose, the god of outlining, or the muse of character dialog. Or I suppose, keeping with the theme of this post it should be more like; Captain Grammar or Super Plot Girl.  I'll need to focus the list after a while to those very special super hero's that really stir up my writing moxie. Until then, it is actually quite fun looking for people that light my writing fire and motivate me toward what I REALLY want.

Do I have to personally know, talk to, or meet these mentors? NO! That's the best part! There are so many, many authors passionate about the craft that they give their advice and knowledge freely. (They WANT to be on my super-hero list!) They have created blogs and books about writing. Sometimes, just the fiction books they have written inspire me to add them to my list. "I want to write like that!"

My list of super-human super hero writers going where I want to go. Maybe they'll let me be the sidekick, Wanna-be Writer.

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