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SO my day started out not so great I had awful allergies and unplanned early morning dental appointments.

Afterwards I took some allergy meds and got a nap.

Tonight I made some brownies and took them to Tanya's Mary Kay Grand Opening, which was lots of fun all thanks to my brownies! Here is the recipe if you are now craving brownies: Mmm-Mmm-Better-Brownies

We went out afterwards for some impromptu Karaoke singing. I sang Heartbreaker by Pat Benetar for the first time in front of a real audience. I channeled my inner 80s rock diva and I think I nailed it. I might be able to sing like you Pat...but I am pretty sure I could never work those spandex pants and horizontal stripes like you can. Guess you can't be great at everything.

Have A Heart?

Me: "Kaleb and Oliver please clean the table off. "
Kaleb(7): " It's not my turn!"
Me: " On Sundays no one has assigned chores you just do what you are asked and help out from the kindness of your heart."
Oliver(6): " I don't think I have a heart."

Mothers Day

The boys gave me these cute charms for Mothers Day. They each brought me a handmade card and their charms. Levi gave me the silver chain to put the charms on. Its adorable!

When cheeseburgers attack.....

....fight back!

MK Nature Center: Ants

Don't you just want to start singing, " The Ants Go Marching" every time you see an ant? I do.

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MK Naure Center: Grumpy Goose

When we were walking through the MK Nature Center early this spring, we came across this Canadian Goose napping on the path. Talk about a GRUMPY GOOSE! He didn't budge at all. He lifted his head just long enough to hiss and us and then curled his head back under his wing and went back to sleep.

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