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Headed into my thirties...

 I just turned the BIG 3-0-!  

For those of you already there, I agree it is not that bad...but it is bit of a transition for me. Or at least I am making it that way. My husband has an awful attitude about birthday's.
"Eh! It's just another day." he says.
NO! It is not just another day.
It is the day you were born and the world will never ever be the same. You only get one special birthday day a year and you never get to be that particular age again or get that particular year back.

You only get to turn 30 once. Why not make it fabulous?

I felt like I had already lived a lifetime before I had even turned 20. Those of you the very closest to me know what I am talking about. Those that don't just know that I have basically been serving as someones parent since I was about 6 years old on. My friend in high school used to call me "Mom." That is how devastatingly responsibly I have always been. I also have seen many many things in my life so far, both good and some very bad.

I spent my 20's giving birth and building up my own little family of 4 boys with Levi.  We tried hard to have baby # 5 but have really just given up any hope at this point. Oliver is 5 now and I really am just done with babies (knock on wood) I LOVE babies, don't get me wrong. I just am ready to transition to a new part of my life.

 When I think back on the old me. I really have changed a great deal in the last decade and some things have stayed the same.

   20                   30 

mother of 1 1/2 boys

mother of 4 boys

size 8 size 

14 and shrinking (I hope)

all natural blondie 

all natural blondie

liquid foundation, minimal natural look 

powdered mineral foundation, braver with color and eyes

supportive public school parent 

dedicated-die hard- homeschooling parent

young idealistic new mom 

realistic practical mom with a purpose

new convert to the LDS Church 

people think I've always been LDS- I've gone pro.

married to my DH 

madly in love with my DH

never read a classic book 

devourer of all literature

a bit shy, never spoke in public 

veteran public speaker and Karaoke star

organizer of family parties 

organizer of large events for BSA, homeschoolers, etc

amateur poet 

still an amatuer writer dreaming of publication

survived much drama from my family

survived a major postpartum depression and live with mild chronic depression

struggled to get kids down for naps

struggle to keep balance in spite of chaos

all about the little kids stuff

all about finding time to be mom, teacher, wife, me, friend

kept opinions to self

likes to tell it like it is 

So on to the fun stuff did I celebrate??!!

First I got over night sitters for all the boys...wohoo! Freedom!

Then I went out to a dance club for the first time in my whole life with Levi, a friend and my family; my mom, sisters and brother. It was so much fun !!  

Levi and I got a room at the Hyatt in Boise. They remodeled and it was so nice!! A very calm spa like atmosphere.

When we checked into our room these were waiting for me from my sweet hubby. He had them delivered before we arrived.

Later when we came back from the club this was waiting...have I told you what a romantic my husband can be when he actually tries.

Ok so moving past the mushy stuff...
Onto the yummy stuff.
I got two cakes !!
Yes 2 people! 

30's not so bad... really!

The Teen Years

Hard to discipline smart-alicky 13 year olds when you are laughing.

Ian says to Josef in a reprimanding tone. " Remember! Your supposed to help me when you are done with your chores.

Josef says in the same tone. " Remember! I don't care."

AO Composer Study: Vivaldi

I was so excited that this terms Composer Study over on Ambleside Online is Vivaldi. He is by far my most favorite classical composer.

The boys and I love this website Classics for Kids, here is their selection of resources for Vivaldi.

Art Lesson: Natural Hand Movement

On Monday we always do a short art lesson. Currently we are learning to draw and sketch with pencils. I found this great website called Drawspace, that provides free lessons you can view online or in PDF. I plan on working our way through the courses.

This was a fun lesson, that referenced a sketch from Leonardo da Vinci's Study of an Old Man. (Here is a color page too )

In this lesson we learned to find our natural and most comfortable hand motion.

Here are the boys attempts, their findings are circled.

Pet Me!

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Bowling 2

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My Little Computer Friend

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