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True Story: Crazy Ontario Bank Teller

So as if my life is not complicated and stressful enough, I now have the crazy teller at Wells Fargo in Ontario to thank for my almost total nervous break down.

I pulled in to do a quick deposit and pull out some cash for lunch. First I could not figure out how to use the little capsule thing, it was somehow locked behind a Plexiglas door. I finally pushed the call button and it opened. Then I had a hard time getting it back in. I was practically cursing the darn thing. It was one that went underground and not over your head, so everything was backwards. After I get it sent off finally, a crazy face pops up on a small video screen and asks what I need. Then the face disappears and is replaced by a video link photo of me in my car. I sitting there waiting, listening to the boys whine about if they will get suckers or not from the teller.
After what seems like forever, the capsule pops back to me, and the guys face comes on the screen again and says,
"There seems to be a problem with your account... Did you know you are negative $350 dollars... it seems to be from some online you know anything about that?"
I'm looking at this screen face and thinking as panic sets in- 'What the heck?, Did someone get into my account? What is going one?'
I say, "Hold on I second, I need to come inside and figure out what the heck is going on!"
And then he yells, "Just kidding, your account is fine, I'm just teasing...Have a great day!"
I am in shock now. He so did not just say that to me.
All I can say is "That was SO not funny!"
I manage to wrestle the capsule and my envelope out and drive off. I am never going to that bank again!!!

Pocket Edward is Missing!!

So Lauren has done it again! I really think she has outdone herself this time, the plot is thickening as Pocket Edward has gone missing!! I was laughing so hard I had tears. That randsom note was awesome and the DVD of Edwards capture-brilliant. I hope Lauren can get him back, without paying that ridiculous randsom (after all he only cost $14.95 in the first place). My theory is it was the Neighbor Boy, the one Lauren says burps so loud you can hear it through the apartment walls. I just don't think her Ted would sink so low as to kidnap Edward, after all they did have that bonding moment in Disneyland. Go check it out

Ian's Baptism

Ian was baptized and confirmed last night by his father. Many of our Friends and family were able to attend and support Ian. There was a beautiful program with a flute solo by our young neighbor Ashley, a talk by me (where I cried through most of it), and some lovely hymns and prayers by Levi's parents. I loved that so many people drove a whole hour from Boise to see him be baptized.


Levi and Ian after the baptism and confirmation.



Our family-we always need a couple of shots to get everyone smiling.

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MK Nature Center Birthday Party

We attended a birthday party at the MK Nature Centet in Boise this Saturday. We had a great time!!

Kaleb making animal tracks in the sand.

The only picture of Oliver because he was in a 'do not photograph me' mood. He is looking at the baby trout in the aquarium.

Josef, Ian, Kaleb and Kelsi looking at the ducks and geese across the pond.

Wow! A Beaver Dam!

The boys and I, minus Oliver who ran when asked to sit for a photo.

A peaceful bubbling brook, like a mini Mom spa moment.

Ian and a bobcat. He is real sensitive about the hunting of big cats and taxidermy. So I told him a long time ago at Cabela's- all the stuffed furs and animals, were animals that were sick and died, not hunted. It makes him feel less anxious about them. Yes-I lied to my child, no mother of the year award for me I quess.

Kaleb sitting by my bubbling brook.

Kylie (our 3rd cousin) making a wish...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Josef, it's he handsome?

Ian and Kaleb waiting for cake.

Kaleb having a swinging good time!

One of the rare happy moments for Oliver that day.

My 2nd Cousin, Tara and her evil camera.

My friend Tanya, isn't she pretty with her pregnant glow.

Sugar, Sugar and presents, what more could a kid want?

Walk a Mile in Your Brothers Pants

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Down by the River

It was finally warm and dry enough that I let the boys hike down to the river today. The dogs were happy to join us. The picture of Molly is just after she jumped in the river and then came up and shook water all over me (can you see her laughing). It was so uplifting to be out of doors today in the bright sunshine.




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This is Onyx, our cat watching our new chickens. We put up chicken wire and boards and aviary netting over the top to keep everything, especially Onyx, out. In the last picture Onyx looks a little ticked off, he'd been circling the pen all afternoon trying to figure out how to get in.



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Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

Levi and I have been married for 10 years today, March 20, 2009-the first day of Spring.
Levi could not be here today, since he is off in California somewhere delivering to Albertsons stores. I did however, get this lovely surprise around noon today. A bouquet and chocolates, with a very sweet card. I think he's a keeper!
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What they said today-

Kaleb age 5 "Don't say you are cooking chicken so loud, the chicks will hear you!"

Oliver age 4, walks into the kitchen, says "I'm a robot!" Straightens his back, swings his arms and legs alternately and marches out of the kitchen chanting in his best mechanical voice "Robot, robot, robot."

Here a cheep, There a cheep, Everywhere a cheep-cheep

We went down to Matthew's Grain and Storage, where they were super nice and helped me get set up to take some chicks home. I was so surprised to go home with the chicks and everything they needed for the next few weeks for only $25.
I picked out two black Plymouth Rocks chicks and two Golden Sex Link chicks. They sure were noise on the ride home, chirping wildly in the little box.
The boys were SO excited to see them. We have them all set up now and they seem happy. We should have eggs in the fall-we'll keep you posted on their progress.



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Nothings Sexier Than a Man Cleaning

Levi said if I posted these pictures he'd have to turn in his "Man Card" Here is my sweet husband sweeping the floor for me.


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A Grand Day Out

We went to the Boise Art Museum with some of our homeschool friends and then went out to lunch at Pizza Hut with Tanya and Kelsi. Below are pictures from our day. The Boise are building and creating things in the Art Experience kids section at the Museum.




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