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FHE: Halloween Treat and Activity

I picked up this fun candy mold while we we are Jo-Ann Fabrics looking for costume supplies. We made them for a Family Home Evening activity when Levi was home. They were pretty yummy!

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Happy Halloween!

Like every year the boys had some specific request for costumes. I am not a professional, but I do the best I can to make the costumes. This year Josef wanted to be a Skeleton Knight (no such costume avaiable for sale in our area). I painted a black sweat suit with bones, using an anatomy diagram for help, and added some crafted armor and store bought sword. Ian asked to be a lion, since we could not find one for those older than 4, I made this one from a thrift store tan hooded sweat suit and a brown chenille scarf. Kaleb was easy-we had this Shadow Ninja costume already he just needs a sword. Olive has been living in this caterpillar costume from our dress up trunk all guess what he wanted to be? They all looked great. Wonder what challenges I will face next Halloween?

Homeschool Trunk or Treat 2009

We host a Homeschool Trunk or Treat for the local area homeschoolers every year. This was our third year and we had an amazing turn out compared to previous years. The weather was a little rainy so I worried no one would show, but boy was I surprised with we had 25 families. I love to see all the fun costumes. I hope all the families had a great time.

Craft Circle: Puppet Show

For our Homeschool Craft Circle (where we get together with other homeschooling families and do something crafty once a month) we made paper bag puppets and had a little puppet show. It was so much fun. The kids loved designing their own puppets. The bigger kids were great at entertaining us with a real puppet show using Kid Jokes.

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Pumpkin Patch 2009

We went to Linder Farms for a pumpkin patch fieldtrip set up by another homeschool mom in our charter school IDEA. Levi's parents joined us and we set out on a farm adventure. We got a little snack of popcorn and juice boxes, set out on a wagon ride, and then visited the petting zoo area to feed some cute animals. Next, we headed out to the pumpkin fields and on the way they did a little hay maze and then set out to search for that perfect pumpkin.

It was great afternoon!


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Adventures in Art

This year we are using some of the activities in Adventures in Art for our art curriculum.

So far we have learned about Grandma Moses and how she taught herself how to paint. She painted scenes from her everyday life.

These are the boys Grandma Moses style paintings.

Next we learned about Romare Bearde, who created mostly moving collages about the social issues during the civil rights movement.

The boys made these Bearden inspired collages.

Ian made this mask for cub scouts, it is made from a paper plate, toilet paper roll and acrylic paint.



Seems adrift
It takes such patience to get through it.
Meanders for no apparent reason.
It's layered upon itself until you can't find the beginning or the end.
Problems and lost time.
A blank book to fill up, yet short enough to read on the beach.
Still living it

April Mitchell

Lost Hope

Lost Hope

     Washed up on the beach
             Gleaming in the sand
Looked funny

~April Mitchell

Doing the Morning News

Our family was invited to be on the KTVB morning news with other families from our school to represent the Meridian Fire Safety Center. We had been on a field trip to the Meridian Fire Safety Center the week before. The Center invited us to come back to demonstrate what they do on the morning news. We thought it would be a fun activity.

We had to wake up REALLY early 3:30 am and get to the Fire Safety Center by 5am. During the weather broadcast the kids were the background and crawled down a hallway under smoke, along with their pal Sparky the dog.

They did it about every 7 minutes till around 7am and then we had two 25 minute breaks between segments.
Lucky for us they had donuts and juice there to keep the kids energized.

Larry Gebert the Meterologist gave the kids some weather lessons using the Centers white board and also dazzled us with his Idaho History facts. The camera guy gave the kids an awesome tour of the LIVE van and explained how the news got to us from them. He also let the kids use his camera, hold the mic and carry the camera (it weighs 50lbs!).

We had lots of fun!