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10 Year High School Reunion

My 10 Year High School Reunion was Friday night. I say 'my' lightly as I technically did not graduate with my class, I graduated early and was already attending college my senior year. If you know know my sorted past as a pregnant teen, turned Happily Ever After...or maybe you don't because I don't like to talk about it really. Long story short, Levi and I started dating the Summer of my Freshman year in Highschool, I gave birth to Josef-October of my Junior year and I cashed in my credits and moved on to college by Senior year. 15 months later we got married and lived Happily Ever After...for 10 years at least. Anyway, so the class I would have graduated in had their 10 year class reunion.

I wasn't gonna go, but Sara my friend from High School talked me into it. I'm glad I went, it was interesting.

So I was envisioning Romie and Michelle's High School Reunion, or maybe something like Peggy Sue Gotarried...but alas, it was just like high school just 10 years later. And THANK HEAVENS! I did not faint and wake up 16 again (like in Peggy Sue).

I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even remember most of the people though. And there were a ton of people I WANTED to see that didn't show, so that was disappointing.
I think I'll have my own personal 10 year reunion and invite those people and the ones I knew from other schools,etc. I'll call it April's Blast From the Past Extravaganza.

It was fun to see the people I had once known and the ones I spent 3 years of my life attending classes with and just say "Hey, I'm still around 10 years later. A few pounds heavier and a little dented from the real world...but still here!"

I also enjoyed the reflection the anniversary brought on. The thoughts of what I've done with my life in the last 10 years. So much has changed in my life and I've grown so much in so many ways. I'd like to think that last night everyone else was reflecting on that too...and also on how much more we need to grow and just LIVE!

Although it was nice to look back, I was SO glad to come home to my real life. My awesome boys (who loved seeing Mommy dress up a bit and stepping out) are what I've done the last 10 years, having them, nursing them, raising them...I'd do it all over again-just to see their sweet faces every day.

Our New Ward

So we are officially new members of the Nampa 4th Ward. Well at least the Ward Clerk knows we moved into the ward, and as soon as they read out our names over the pulpit-it will be official. "The Mitchell's have arrived!" the Bishop will shout as disco balls drop, spinning from the ceiling and we do a 70's style hustle down the aisle as everyone claps and cheers. So...that wasn't reality. Actually he'll read our names into the mic, we'll stand shyly, nod to those around us and quickly take our seats.

Fortunately- I married into a good last name, so people usually can remember Mitchell, pretty easily. Mitchell with two l's I always say-because it sounds cool. So we avoid alot of, "So what was your name again?" Srsly though, new people should just wear name tags. Shoot, the whole ward should wear missionary style name tags so we will know each others names. Maybe you have some awesome talent and can remember everyone's name in your ward, plus their 6 children's name, and their 4 generation pedigree chart...but I can't. So I say, we Mormons should take our 'peculiarness' up a notch and just wear name tags. What do you think?

The best news ever with Nampa 4th ward is....They aren't in need of professional Cub Scout Mom volunteers!! Don't get me wrong, I love the scouting program, but (wipes forehead, Whoo!) I am glad to just sit back and enjoy it for once and not be the one running the show.

However, the Primary Pres. did hint at a calling as the Sunbeam teacher..since I'm an honorary Sunbeam anyway. I'm in there with Oliver (Mr. Mood Swing) every Sunday. Plus, I kinda like the snacks! So Sunbeam teacher would not be so bad.

They have 6 boys in the Sunbeam class and 1 little girl all in pink. She loves me! Little girls love me for some reason, they are drawn to me like moths to a flame. Maybe they can sense that I am the only girl in my family and that I need some estrogen inspired companionship. I was her official head band repair specialist, as it kept slipping off her head in the back. Anyway, her mom had to pick her up early from class, and she gave me one last look and burst out crying because she didn't want to leave. How cute is that?!? You usually see those Sunbeams crying before and during class. I've never seen one be sad to leave. I just have that effect on people I guess.

All the boys liked their classes. Kaleb of course fit right in. His teacher said, "He fit right in, like he's always been here." Ian and Josef are in the same class and liked that. They do things a bit odd here. Appears that all the Senior primary boys and senior primary girls are taught separately. May have something to do with the fact that their are like 15 boys and 3 girls in senior primary. A lady shared with me her theory that there was gonna be a war when those boys grew up, so thats why all the boys. Hmmm...wonder why our old ward had mostly girls then?

We are not the only new family, 2 others families were new the day we came too. The ward grew by almost 20 people in one day. Hope they have enough chairs for us all!

My Sister Summer's Trip to Oregon

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Chubs Meets a Friend

This morning Chubs was rewarded for his outdoor staring, a friendly squirrel came up to say "Hello!". Chubs would mew and scratch at the door trying to get the squirrels attention. Well have to buy some squirrel food so his new friend comes back.


By A. Hunt


I feel like a puppet
Dangling lazily from strings
Mechanical movements
And hollow dreams
A sense of emptiness
In my mahogany heart
In my ply wood soul
Breathe in
Breathe out
Paralyzed sense of hope
My eyes have become mimes
Signing out my true intents
To a Blind audience
I long for something more
More then the life I’m living
As deaths whore
Heavy drops of rain fall from the ceiling
As the blue blue sea of the floor below
Carry me away
In a sleepless dream
I break the silence
By acknowledging the pain
That slowly drives me insane
As I sit upon this shelf
A puppet
Dangling from strings

I Cry Too

I Cry Too

Time stands still
in our world of dreams
we see what we feel
in emotional scenes

Now the past is playing
like a picture show
still frames of love
zooming in slow

Reality's shaken
we've lost our way
each time we met
don't know what to say

Every tear you cry
I cry too
Every lonely night
I dream with you
Every tear you cry
I cry I cry
I cry too

April 20, 1997

Missing Thoughts

Missing Thoughts

When I’m with you
Why do I feel like I’m
Missing something
Like there’s something all wrong
As I look into your eyes
All I can see is that nothings quite right
I get so scared
Of what I don’t know
A knowledge I have
And can’t control
You lift my heart
Let go
Stare blankly at it as it crashes to the ground
I find myself running circles in my mind
Wondering why you only confuse me
And maybe I wasn’t meant to understand


How Long?

How Long

I can hear the tick of the clock
Too close to my head
It’s giving me a headache
To think of all the
Tick Tocks I’ve ever heard
Only a second counted,
Now, didn’t it?
Once long ago it was like
A bomb went off inside of me
And everyone left
Wish I could have withstood the blast
I shattered like an ordinary sheet of glass
Wishing I could put it all back together
I wish I could lie
And I wish I didn’t care
But wishes don’t count
I can hear the tick of that clock
Still close to my head
Maybe if I couldn’t hear the seconds pass
I wouldn’t have to ask
How long...
Till I feel whole again

April~ Marie



When it all comes down to silence
There’s just a single thought left in my mind
I love you
Let me count the ways
And count the days
Till when I see you next
Emptiness is a dark forbidden feeling
And it grows in my soul
To leave me sick with silence and nothingness
Smiles only come in passing memories
And laughter has become its own irony
Soon my love only bears the thought of time
The moment it can breathe again
My life was to be my own
But I’ve grown to know how the demons control
Waiting for the alarm to go off
Waking me from this nightmare
But all the clocks have seemed to stop
As motionless as a dream


We've Moved!


Our Moving Interview

Interviewer: You Moved?!?

Mitchell's: Why yes, We've moved to Nampa from Weiser.

Interviewer: Didn't you like Weiser?

Mitchell's: We loved the little town of Weiser, the community was great, the people were so kind and we are sad to leave them.

Interviewer: Why did you move then?

Mitchell's:We needed to be closer to Levi's Boise Truck Terminal. We moved to Weiser because we did not need to be near his work, and we thought it would be fun to live in the country. Levi was able to bring his truck home on his days off so it was very convenient. After some changes made with Levi's company, drivers who live 50 miles away from a terminal (Weiser is about 66 miles away) can no longer park trucks at home. The change was announced in February and made officially in May. We are a one car family and April was commuting 3 hrs round trip 2 times a week to pick him up and drop him off during his home time. Or we were just staying at Levi's parents house in Meridian 2-3 days a week. It was exhausting for us. After weighing the options, it made more sense financially to move back closer to Boise then to buy and maintain a new car. Plus we are closer to family and friends again.

Interviewer: Where did you move to in Nampa?

Mitchell's: We moved off the last Nampa exit #33, near Caldwell Blvd and Orchard Ave.

Interviewer: Did you buy a house?

Mitchell's: No, we have never been able to settle down and buy a house, we prefer to be foot loose and fancy free. Maybe one day!

Interviewer:So are you renting a lovely 6 bedroom home with a hot tub on 2 acres?

Mitchell's: (give them a moment they are laughing hysterically) No. We are renting an apartment.

Interviewer: You are squeezing your family of 6 into an itty bitty New York type apartment?!? Isn't that illegal?

Mitchell's: Uh, no. Actually our apartment is larger than the home we had in Weiser. The new apartment is a lovely 1400 square feet. We also have a large garage and a patio with a large grassy area. We have 2 bedrooms, and a large bonus room with french doors that we use as an office/playroom/classroom.

Interviewer: So, you make your kids share a room? Isn't that considered torture or at least child abuse?

Mitchell's: Why yes, all the boys are in one room with two bunk beds. We think making them share, although sometimes more work for us, teaches them lots of life lessons and we avoid many unnecessary issues that arise from having a whole room to ones self. For example, if your child has their own room they are often always shouting, "Mom, so-and-so is in my ROOOOOM!!"....we do not have this issue. They learn to share, learn to give others space, learn to communicate more effectively, etc.

Interviewer: Are you just making this stuff up to justify your rare form room sharing torture?

Mitchell's: No, it works. Look at those Duggar Kids...they share rooms.

Interviewer: Living in an apartment can't be fun, what about a swing set and pool in your back yard? Won't you miss the amenities of having your own yard?

Mitchell's: Actually we are on the bottom floor unit, with only one neighbor above us and one on our left. We have a lovely patio area, with a fenced in grassy area that comes around the side of our apartment. It's about the same size as those new subdivision yards...hee we don't have to mow. (

April pipes in here) These hunky lawn care guys come on Wednesdays and do all the yard work, its amazing!...I mean what they do for the lawns and all of course.

(Levi interrupts here) Anyway...because of our lifestyle, me gone on the road most of the month and April busy with homeschooling. It just made more sense to make our living situation as simple as possible. I don't have to worry if things break down or need done. The maintenance guy does that for me. I can enjoy all the time I'm home with my family, not out mowing the lawn and fixing stuff. Also our apartment community is gated, which means my family is safer. We also have a gym, sauna, pool, and play ground. Not to mention the cute ponds, streams and walking path.

(April pipes up again) Don't forget the large Community room that I can use for my parties and activities! Don't worry I won't invite the lawn care guys.

Interviewer: Well, it sounds like you guys are pretty happy with the move *cough* weird...but happy! Well, welcome to Nampa!

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Kaleb's First Stitches

The Saturday before we moved I was taking apart the boys beds and had leaned some metal bed rails against the bunk bed. Ian knocked them over by accident. One hit Kaleb right between the eyes while he was sitting on the floor playing. He was so lucky it didn't hit his eyes! We rushed him to the Weiser Memorial Hospital ER.

We'd seen most everything in the small town of Weiser, but not the Hospital. Good thing we were able to squeeze in a trip before we moved. Dr. Thompson and his ER nurses were fast and were able to stitch Kaleb up with no fuss. He did not have to have any shots to numb the area, they used some liquid drops on the wound that numbed it up. Then Dr. Thompson sewed Kaleb up with blue thread and sent us on our way to return in 6 days to have the stitched removed.

Kaleb, day of accident

Leaving for Nampa Dr. office to get stitches removed.

All done! That's gonna leave a little scar.

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Kelsi's EhCapa

My friend Tanya's little girl joined Ehcapa this year a bare-back riding club for children 8-19. She has practiced all Spring and done performances all over this Summer, in parades and rodeos. They hosted a performance just for friends and family and we were invited. We really enjoyed seeing the horses and riders perform.

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Keiichi Nishimura, Cranes Over Moon

Sometimes change sneaks up on you, not like a thief in the night, but like a gently breeze against your back. It whispers to you that it is time to move on, but it's the kind of nudge you cannot ignore. So you take the motions to bring about change and events fall into place and it happens so fluidly and peacefully. You can't help but wonder. Was it destiny? What is destiny? Just a change, a change we feel like we didn't truly embrace, but was right for us all along. What could destiny be, but God's own will. A force so strong as to steer the course of lives, but so soft as to appear but a nudge in one direction or another.