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Kaleb's First Stitches

The Saturday before we moved I was taking apart the boys beds and had leaned some metal bed rails against the bunk bed. Ian knocked them over by accident. One hit Kaleb right between the eyes while he was sitting on the floor playing. He was so lucky it didn't hit his eyes! We rushed him to the Weiser Memorial Hospital ER.

We'd seen most everything in the small town of Weiser, but not the Hospital. Good thing we were able to squeeze in a trip before we moved. Dr. Thompson and his ER nurses were fast and were able to stitch Kaleb up with no fuss. He did not have to have any shots to numb the area, they used some liquid drops on the wound that numbed it up. Then Dr. Thompson sewed Kaleb up with blue thread and sent us on our way to return in 6 days to have the stitched removed.

Kaleb, day of accident

Leaving for Nampa Dr. office to get stitches removed.

All done! That's gonna leave a little scar.

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