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Which way?

At the car wash, yeah

I was helping out today at a friend or a friends fundraising car wash. She has breast cancer and no insurance. It was a lot of fun holding signs and waving at people from the sidewalk. My awesome oldest son, Josef, helped with washing the cars and held signs too, even though I am sure he could have thought of some things he would rather have done. I am proud of him for pitching in and not complaining (too much).

Three Favorite Things about the FAIR

Yesterday night we went to the Western Idaho Fair with some friends and had an amazing night. 
Here are our top 4 favorite things about the Fair this year. 

#1 Weird Al Concert

#2 Fair Food

Sugar Bliss!


This is what you look like after you eat a foot-long corn dog!

Can you believe he wouldn't even share with me?!

#3 Butterflies

#4 People Watching

Unfortunately, I didn't have my own camera on me to capture all the awesome outfits at the fair but I managed to get this one year I am totally bringing my camera and doing a whole People of the Fair post. Wow! Can I just say the very tall and thin young man in the black hot pants and stripped half shirt, was just too much for Stacey and I not to bust up laughing. 

Right now...

Right now I am lying in the grass at Kliener Park staring at the grey-blue and cloudless sky. I can smell the grass and the soil beaneth and it makes me feel grounded to this spot. I close my eyes and listen to the sounds around me. The boys are rolling down a nearbhill, they cry out in joy as they tumble down, picking up momentum. Small children talk and shout as they play. Running steps echo across the concrete. Parents chat in small groups or speak in cheery tones to small children. A dog barks somewhere in the distance. I hear birds. I open my eyes. The light in the sky is shifting as the sun sets.  The air cools slightly and the moment has passed.

Behind those hazel eyes

I used to hate that I had hazel eyes. They were never a pretty blue, or bright green, or deep brown. Just a muddy mix of green and gold. I am learning to love them though and all the color variations. Today they are more green, which I love! Maybe I should get some color contacts? Or maybe I should just learn to love myself and appreciate what God has given me.


I have been working out lately. Have been back to the gym for about 2 weeks straight now. My knee is feeling SO much better. My goal is to be running by November.Wohoo!

“Exercise makes endorphin's. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t.” ~Elle Woods, Legally Blonde.

But I'm your brother...

The boys are playing a Lord of the Rings game on the Xbox.
Kaleb is the White Wizard and Ian is Gandalf.
They are fighting.
Kaleb, who is losing says, "Come on Gandalf! I'm your brother!"

It's A Good Day...right?

"You know it was a good day if you didn't hit or bite anyone." Nathaniel P. age 4

Happy 4th Birthday!

My baby girl niece, Charlese turned the big 4 today. I love being her aunt. I REALLY appreciate my sister sharing her with me and letting me be so involved in her life. Its almost like having my own little girl.....but better! I can spoil her with absolutely no guilt.

Sally says...


Don't bug me

The kids found a praying mantis while at a friends house.

Shopping lists and compliments

Today I went to Walmart with the two younger boys to buy the things on the shopping list Oliver had made. He told me we needed to go specifically to Walmart and buy:

  • guinea pig food
  • light bulbs for his room
  • cough drops that were cherry flavored for his "cough"
While we were picking up his essentials, a man at the end of the aisle paid me the sweetest compliment as we passed by. He looked me right in the eyes, smiled, and said in a very sincere and non-creepy way, " I just wanted to tell you that you are very cute." I said, "Thank you." and went on my way.

It made me smile though and feel very good about myself. I kind of want to go around Walmart and just compliment random people now. 

Well just thought I would share.

Ta-Ta for now!  I am exhausted tonight because I ran around all afternoon with 3 yr old niece and my two younger boys in tow. I am now going to lay down with a book and try to obtain a zen- like state.

Real Men...

...try on size 11 hot pink platform high heels.