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Mitchell Family Picnic, Settlers Park, Meridian, ID

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Men at Work

The truck, the small blue Toyota truck, owned by Levi's parents and driven by Levi while we dated, is getting a makeover. Levi's parents gifted the broken down thing to him, to get it out of their driveway. Uncle Bill, my great uncle on my Mom's side, kindly let Levi park it over at his small engine shop. We've been visiting it and they have been slowly dismantling it, to rebuild it to it's former glory. I will be very glad when it is done, becuase then I won't have to drive into Boise so often to pick up Levi from his Semi-truck. He used to be able to drive his Semi-truck home, but becuase of the economy his company is cutting down on all expensises, including extra mileage and gas. It's two hours round-trip to go get him. So I'm anxious for the project to be done and have the truck restored to it's former make-out location glory. Here are a few photos of the men at work.



my hand touches yours
yours presses against mine
then we wrap our fingers about our hands
we hold on to one another in this way
subtly we are giving and taking
as we sit there
my heart fills and empties with you
your love like a breathe
slow, steady, rhythmic
you rise and I place my other hand in yours
you pull me up and place your arm around my waist
you steady me
I bring my arm atop your strong shoulder
and we begin to move
our feet together and then apart
I follow your lead
then suddenly spin off
I return and you are there
we sway side to side
we take one step forward
two steps backward
again and again we dance on
time flows around us like a swift stream
blue, cold, constant
behind us, we can barely see where we began
you suddenly stop our movement
placing your hands along my face
you whisper, your breathe hot and sweet on my face
"everything will be OK."
and time stops
we are there again
in the waiting room

© June 2009 April Mitchell

Little Handymen!

Took the boys to a Lowe's Kids workshop for Mini Putting greens. They love these workshops!

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After a quick water balloon fight, Grandma and Grandpa Mitchell took us to get icecream cones at Artic Circle. Here are all the cousins, waiting for ICECREAM!
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