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Into Depression

Into Depression 

Lost hope
No Strength

~April Mitchell
©November 1, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

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Boise Tree Lighting Ceremony

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November Homeschool PE

Ian playing Pilgrims VS Turkeys Tug of War

Where's My Muse?

I glanced at her and took my glasses
off—they were still singing. They buzzed
like a locust on the coffee table and then
ceased. Her voice belled forth, and the
sunlight bent. I felt the ceiling arch, and
knew that nails up there took a new grip
on whatever they touched. "I am your own
way of looking at things," she said. "When
you allow me to live with you, every
glance at the world around you will be
a sort of salvation." And I took her hand.

~William Stafford 

Love this quote, reminds me to not be embarrassed if my way of looking at the world is different from someone else's. It shouts to me, be yourself and let your muse speak!!!

There's a point...

I Stumbled this quote and had to blog about it, because this week I reached 'the point'. You get tired of caring about people who really could care less about you when it comes down to it. So really, it's a total waste of your time and energy. If you have to try too hard in a relationship ALL the time, it's not a relationship and you are probably better off without that connection in your life. Maybe this is not true for everyone, but in this one particular instance it is true for me. I feel a huge weight has been lifted just from the purge of that person from my life. So long, been nice knowing you, I'll take what you've given me and move on...have a nice life!

An Adventure

Today we headed to the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge for a little day out. It's on Lake Lowell in Nampa, ID. We had a little trouble getting there, my google directions were WAY off, but lucky for us we had tanya with us who has a knack for directions. Once we got back on track after our little scenic trip to Bowl Island near Marsing, we finally made it to Lake Lowell the round about way.
We ate our lunches outside and saw a beautiful Blue Heron fly over the lake. Then we toured the visitors center.
Finally we drove around the lake and found a spot to get out and hike near the lake. We had so much fun!

Like little ants on a log

Goofy ants

 Oliver and Me

Kaleb says " You can't go hiking without a trusty stick!"

Sometimes Thou may'st walk in Groves,
which being full of Majestie will much advance the Soul.
-  Thomas Vaughan,  Anima Magica Abscondita

Just a thought...

"I was my failing and my actions-period."
from The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb

This is as far as I got reading this book as the author was perhaps too honest and too graphic.