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Just For Fun: Gift Ideas

While perusing the Cyber Monday deals I found these must have gifts...

Come on you KNOW you want a pair!

For that Neat Freak in your life who is always wearing a baseball cap. I just love the tag line...turns your hat into another pocket!!

You can find this on! I think it is this seasons must have accessory (in the trailorhood that is!).

Just for Grandma 'cause she's old but she's not dead yet!

for the bacon enthusiast in your life...

Just for Dad

Thanksgiving Weekend

The Mitchell's had a great Thanksgiving weekend!! Did you?

First off we started last Monday night with a Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner at my SIL Heathers house, which was very yummy.

Then Levi got home Wednesday night, I picked him up kissed him goodbye and headed out for a Girl's Night Out singing Karaoke with my favorite girls Tanya, Tambi, and Stacey. We are never boring together.

On Thursday we ate our official Thanksgiving dinner at Golden Corral in Boise with Levi's parents. We love going there, this was our 4th year. It's become a family tradition and my most favorite holiday. No cooking, no cleaning, no huge grocery bill, and no trying to figure out what to do with all the leftovers. It's my low maintenance holiday and lets me focus on gearing up for Christmas, which we all know is the best holiday EVER!!

Early morning Friday, Levi and I got up early and shopped till we felt like dropping. Got a few good deals on Christmas gifts for the mini Mitchell's. We went out to lunch at Tucano's Brazilian Grill which is really yummy. You should go there, if you haven't yet. After lunch we were so stuffed and so sore from shopping we could barely walk out. We made it home in time to store the Christmas gifts in storage and pull out all the Christmas Decorations in anticipation of the weeks of decorating Levi's Dad does for Christmas.

 Nevada Wolf Pack cornerback Duke Williams #20 breaks up a pass intended for Boise State Broncos wide receiver Austin Pettis #2 at Mackay Stadium in Reno, NV on Friday night Nov. 26.
Joe Jaszewski / Idaho Statesman

Then we were off for date night  to watch the BIG game-BSU vs Nevada on a BIG screen. We even had matching blue and orange fleece pullovers on, it was cute. Still wish I had gotten a photo of that..Ah well ..maybe next game. Wow! What a game it was too! Nevada won which is sad for BSU. It was such a close game lots of tied scores, down to seconds in the game,  lots of suspense and Boy was it sad when we lost. Levi and I had a nice evening out though.

Saturday was another early morning as we headed to Boise with the boys to participate in the Boise Holiday Parade. The theme this year was Christmas Around the World. We were hoping it wouldn't rain, and thank goodness it didn't! It was really cold though and it snowed the whole time. A local homeschool mom hosted a Homeschool float this year. She organized it all and it went really smoothly...she is amazing!! We even won the Children's Choice award. It was cold, but fun...cold fun. I just love parades!!

Well now it is Sunday, Levi headed out early this morning to play with traffic and snow and ice for the next few weeks. I'm exhausted and am off to take a nap now. Ta Ta for now!

The Dentist

I had a few close encounters with the Dentist this week. 

This first one was when I went in for pain, which turned out to be from my wisdom teeth coming in. Apparently at 29, I have the mouth of a 19 year old, which would be flattering, except it really hurts to have those molars coming in. 

Lucky me! They are just starting to come in so we have to wait a bit till they are erupted. Erupted like a volcano, hence the large amount of pain building up under my gums. 
Wah! Let me whine a bit, ok, just humor me.

The next encounter was for my regular cleaning because of course during the other visit they noticed I was overdue and scheduled me A.S.A.P for a routine torture session...I mean cleaning. 

Once in the chair, they lay you back and shine a bright light in your face. That way you are blind and don't see them coming at you with sharp instruments. You are then asked to lay there for an undetermined amount of time with your mouth wide open, trying not to drool on yourself, while a masked and gloved hygienist scrapes your teeth and stabs your gums repetitively. All the while you are laying there unable to talk or defend yourself as they lecture you on your bad dental habits and make lame jokes. When you are all done they send you on your way with a free toothbrush... like that's going to make it all better!!

 I am always so glad to get out of that chair!!

Walk, Don't Run!


If you are a mother, you have said this phrase or a version of it on SEVERAL occasions, especially if you have one of those kids who only has one

Kaleb has heard this phrase more than my other boys, so you'd think maybe that would make him slow down but no, he does not. Inevitably he got hurt.

I had just gotten home from Planet Beach with my Mom and Josef tells me Kaleb feel down the stairs and is now laying in my bed. I went up and checked on him. He said his arm hurt. It looked a little swollen but nothing else, I was thinking a sprain maybe. When I asked him what happened he said, " I was just going down stairs and I don't know what happened and then I fell down and bent my arm back. " 
" How were you going down the stairs?"
"Just walking."
"Well, walking quickly."
"Were you running?"

After getting the REAL story, I learned it had made a popping noise when he fell on it. In we went to the ER, because of course it is a Saturday at 5pm and the Urgent Care place just closed at 4pm. 

We got some lovely X rays, that showed Kaleb had a buckle fracture across his radius and  ulna just above his wrist.

They set his arm in a splint and referred us to an Orthopedist to visit, after the splint was on for one week. At the Orthopedists we got a few more x-rays of his arm. They confirmed it was fractured. Then let him pick out his cast color. The glow in the dark and camouflage options were pretty amazing, but he opted for his favorite color blue. The Orthopedist was great with Kaleb, and told him everything he was doing and why. He even explained how the cast worked and how the gauze set up. As it was setting it made a fun crackling noise, like Rice Krispies in milk as the chemicals in the resin were activated and began to harden. Thank you Dr. Schneider!

Oh! By the way...Walk, Don't Run is also the title of this cute and funny Cary Grant film. He is a bit older in this one, but still very handsome. It is set during the housing shortage of the Summer Olympic Games in 1964, Cary Grant and younger man are without accommodations and answer and ad from an American who is offering a room. The young woman forgot to specify she wanted a FEMALE roommate. Cary Grant acts as a sort of charming and annoying cupid between the young lady and the young man. Fun movie!


Pocket Mod

Just check it out, its fun, easy and the best planner EVER!

Just For Fun : Celebrity Guy Fan Club

I know most girls go ga-ga over Brad Pitt or Matthew McConaughey...

But not me I like the nerdy, misunderstood, and funny guys the best...

like John Cusack...Say Anything ( His sister is awesome too!)

and Brendan Frasier...George of the Jungle ( no explanation needed), Encino Man, The Mummy, and With Honors
and I know he seems like one of the regular hunks with all those muscles and everything...
but REALLY he is a regular geeky guy disguised as a hunk

Vin Diesel- The Chronicles of Riddick, Saving Private Ryan, XXX

also my list would not be complete without ...

Collin Firth...Pride and Prejudice and Bridgette Jones Diary...sigh

 So which celebrity guy fan club are you part of?

A Day at Zoo Boise

 Levi was home for Halloween weekend. We were headed to Julia Davis just to play at the park, when we saw the zoo and it was just too tempting. We had a great afternoon with Levi.

 We love the prairie dogs and they were especially fat this year, which just enhanced their cuteness 100 %.

 These turtle shells are so much fun for the kids...
 ...and the adults.
 Turtle, Turtle!
 Oliver loves this giant Komodo Dragon. They look like mini dinosaurs to me.

 Josef hiding behind a large maple leaf.
 Look, we're nesting!

 Oliver had no trouble making friends here.
Ian's favorite type of animal are the cats. Apparently this is a Leopard, not a Cheetah. I was informed by Ian that you can tell by the pattern of the spots.

These are Wort Hogs and I was telling Oliver how it was Pumba from the Lion King and I started singing to them "Hakuna Matata" and their little tails began to wag. When I stopped singing their tails were still. I started singing again and the tails wagged again. They liked it!

Here's Oliver with a giant snake. He wasn't too scared though, we've seen bigger live snakes at my friend Tanya's house.

Well that's a wrap! Sometimes you just gotta take a trip on the wild side.

Happy 32nd Birthday Levi!

My sweetie turned 32 on the 9th. That glow is all 32 candles.
He made it home just in time for cake, he literally drove into town at around 8pm on his birthday.
I missed the blowing out the candles we recreated it (above). It's pretty funny.
We don't get to spend everyday with him, but we are always greatful we get to spent the most important days with him.
Hapy Birthday, LEVI!

Veteran's Day

Happy Veterans' Day 
to all those who have served!! 
Thank you so much!!

I am getting this posted really late, but if I can push the Publish Post button by counts right?

The photo above is my oldest son Josef, he wanted to be a Marine for halloween. The jacket he is wear is actually his Grandfathers unifirm from the 60's. He looked so handsome and I love that he would be willing to serve out country and knows that is an option for his future.

A few days ago the boys and I went to a presentation out at Gowen field hosted by Idaho Military History Museum. We had never been there before. It was a great museum! They had many displays ranging from the civil war to present. It was fun pointing out the different branches of the military to the boys and the various wars and which of our family members served and at which time. There were also so gun and canon demonstrations the video below is of everything going off at the same time, again the weapons range from those used in the Civil war to those used in the present. We had a great time and learned a bit of military, world, country, and family history. We also couldn't hear very well for a while after all the canons and guns were done. : )