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We've Moved!


Our Moving Interview

Interviewer: You Moved?!?

Mitchell's: Why yes, We've moved to Nampa from Weiser.

Interviewer: Didn't you like Weiser?

Mitchell's: We loved the little town of Weiser, the community was great, the people were so kind and we are sad to leave them.

Interviewer: Why did you move then?

Mitchell's:We needed to be closer to Levi's Boise Truck Terminal. We moved to Weiser because we did not need to be near his work, and we thought it would be fun to live in the country. Levi was able to bring his truck home on his days off so it was very convenient. After some changes made with Levi's company, drivers who live 50 miles away from a terminal (Weiser is about 66 miles away) can no longer park trucks at home. The change was announced in February and made officially in May. We are a one car family and April was commuting 3 hrs round trip 2 times a week to pick him up and drop him off during his home time. Or we were just staying at Levi's parents house in Meridian 2-3 days a week. It was exhausting for us. After weighing the options, it made more sense financially to move back closer to Boise then to buy and maintain a new car. Plus we are closer to family and friends again.

Interviewer: Where did you move to in Nampa?

Mitchell's: We moved off the last Nampa exit #33, near Caldwell Blvd and Orchard Ave.

Interviewer: Did you buy a house?

Mitchell's: No, we have never been able to settle down and buy a house, we prefer to be foot loose and fancy free. Maybe one day!

Interviewer:So are you renting a lovely 6 bedroom home with a hot tub on 2 acres?

Mitchell's: (give them a moment they are laughing hysterically) No. We are renting an apartment.

Interviewer: You are squeezing your family of 6 into an itty bitty New York type apartment?!? Isn't that illegal?

Mitchell's: Uh, no. Actually our apartment is larger than the home we had in Weiser. The new apartment is a lovely 1400 square feet. We also have a large garage and a patio with a large grassy area. We have 2 bedrooms, and a large bonus room with french doors that we use as an office/playroom/classroom.

Interviewer: So, you make your kids share a room? Isn't that considered torture or at least child abuse?

Mitchell's: Why yes, all the boys are in one room with two bunk beds. We think making them share, although sometimes more work for us, teaches them lots of life lessons and we avoid many unnecessary issues that arise from having a whole room to ones self. For example, if your child has their own room they are often always shouting, "Mom, so-and-so is in my ROOOOOM!!"....we do not have this issue. They learn to share, learn to give others space, learn to communicate more effectively, etc.

Interviewer: Are you just making this stuff up to justify your rare form room sharing torture?

Mitchell's: No, it works. Look at those Duggar Kids...they share rooms.

Interviewer: Living in an apartment can't be fun, what about a swing set and pool in your back yard? Won't you miss the amenities of having your own yard?

Mitchell's: Actually we are on the bottom floor unit, with only one neighbor above us and one on our left. We have a lovely patio area, with a fenced in grassy area that comes around the side of our apartment. It's about the same size as those new subdivision yards...hee we don't have to mow. (

April pipes in here) These hunky lawn care guys come on Wednesdays and do all the yard work, its amazing!...I mean what they do for the lawns and all of course.

(Levi interrupts here) Anyway...because of our lifestyle, me gone on the road most of the month and April busy with homeschooling. It just made more sense to make our living situation as simple as possible. I don't have to worry if things break down or need done. The maintenance guy does that for me. I can enjoy all the time I'm home with my family, not out mowing the lawn and fixing stuff. Also our apartment community is gated, which means my family is safer. We also have a gym, sauna, pool, and play ground. Not to mention the cute ponds, streams and walking path.

(April pipes up again) Don't forget the large Community room that I can use for my parties and activities! Don't worry I won't invite the lawn care guys.

Interviewer: Well, it sounds like you guys are pretty happy with the move *cough* weird...but happy! Well, welcome to Nampa!

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Simplymom said...

I think it sounds great! We would love to come crash, um, participate in some of your fun parties! I wish we had a pool, no yardwork would be awfully nice too!

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