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Homeschool: Soapy Science

We got this great idea over at Latter-day Homeschooling blog. She found it in a book called Blast Lab or under a second title Super Science Lab by Richard Hammond.

Soap Monsters

Basically you need:
bar soap (no strong scents) We used Lever 2000 because we had it on hand
paint brushes

Cut the soap into a chunk. Place on plate and microwave for up to 2 min on High. Let dry for 30 min to an hour. Add details to your monster with paint to make it come alive.

Some tips we learned when doing this project
  • use smaller pieces of soap (you could quarter one fullsize bar and get good sized monsters)
  •  No need to microwave for a full 2 minutes just stop the microwave when you are happy with your monsters look, if you do for full time you risk burning the soap and it smells REALLY bad
  • Place outside to dry ( it was cool here so they set up faster)
  • Use dry brushes with the paint, the water makes the soap dissolve

This was a great project for learning about the nature of water molecules. We watched this little video over at TeacherTube before we started to review. Then I wouldn't let the boys paint the monsters until they told me why the soap turned into a monster. They were all able to tell me. I think this is much more graphic way to show that water molecules expand when heated then other experiments we have done.


I am officially the mother of a TEEN!

October Nature Walk

This last Friday, we went out to Eagle Island State Park with some friends for a Fall nature walk. We had no lessons in mind, just to see what there was to see and observe nature. We found some great examples of trees with fall foliage to identify. We gathered some cattails near a stream to play swords with. I showed the kids a few of the local plants that were edible and we taste tested them and I also pointed out some red berries that were NOT edible. The kids found some leaf cutter ants to watch as they walked up and down some leaves. They crossed a creek via a tree that had been downed by beavers. We spied a few butterflies and grasshoppers along the way. All in all it was a great outing! I'm not sure about the kids, but for me it was so centering to get out in nature for a bit and find the wonder in it.

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Picking Pumpkins

We had our yearly excursion to Linder Farms this past week. We went as part of a homeschool fieldtrip set up by another homeschooling mother. It's been our fall tradition for about 4 years now.

Out at the farm, they have added a few things, like these climbing tires Josef and Ian scaled.

We also took advantage of the new photo oppurtunity.

The Corn Box was a hit! The boys even buried Ammeme.

Everyone (including me) found that perfect pumpkin to take home to carve later.

So what are some of your favorite Fall traditions?

Bad writing...

So I'm reading a book series by Aprilynne Pike. ( I love her name, it is so much better than my -just April.) It's a pretty desent spin on the mix of the human and fairy worlds. It is not the best fairy book I've ever read, but it's cute.

The more I work on my own novel and pick my serious writing apart, the more I pick apart others writing when I read. I am not doing it to be critical, but sometimes things jump out at me and scream, "Where was the editor on this one?!"

I'm not sure what you call it (I'm sure there is a literary term for it...anyone know?) but in this series she keeps restating things she already said. It's not like she is using the phrase to help the story, to create more drama, or dialogue. It it just annoying. Levi read the books also and agrees. When the writing distracts from the story,'s bad writing.

She nodded but didn't smile, it wasn't a smiling moment. (obviously!)

So note to self..... 
when writing do not insult your readers by restating the obvious.

Tag Your It!

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Here are the rules...
She asks me 8 questions, I answer them and then I tag 8 friends and ask them 8 questions :) Sounds like fun so lets get started...

1. What is your favorite place to be & why?
2. What is your favorite pizza topping?
Chicken, tomatoes, artichoke, mushrooms and bacon
3. Do you own a sewing machine?
Why yes, but I don't use it much
4. How many pets do you have & what kinds?
 One cat named Chubs, who is an orange tabby
5. What was the last place you ate at?
 Um, Arctic Circle, I had the Halibut
6. What is your favorite holiday & why?
Thanksgiving, because it is a low maintenance holiday for me (we go to a buffet) and I can just focus on enjoying my family
7. What TV show is your "Guilty Pleasure"?
Bones and Pushing Daisies 
8. How did you decide to start blogging?
Thought it would be an easy way to keep friends and family updated on out family, but now it's morphed into a purely selfish thing, because I love to make new blog friends, read what they have to say and also just to express myself
Here are my questions for my 8 people:  

1.  What is your best excuse for not getting something done?

2. If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do?

3. If the whole world were listening, what would you say?

4.If money were not an object, what would you do with your life?

5. What is the weirdest thing you will ever admit to having done in the past?

6. What place in the US would you most like to visit? Why?

 7. What place outside of the US would you most like to visit? Why?
8. Who would you want to play you in the movie about your life (pick for various stages if you like)?

And yep those below have been TAGGED:

2. Lia
5. Lori
7. Amy

Status Quote Meme

Funny or weird Facebook (or Twitter) status updates that I've comments in red

Trying really hard to Love thy neighbor. (looks like trouble in the 'hood)

That's three fights between my neighbors today...almost had to call the cops for one of them. These people are freaking crazy. (not from same person as above, it must be in the air...restless suburbia)

Today, I spent five minutes shaking a bowl of Jello because it looked cool. I regret nothing.

What do we want? A cure for procrastination!!! When do we want it?! NEXT WEEK!!

If you ever get the sudden urge to run around naked, stop and sniff some Windex first... it'll keep you from streaking! ;D

Touch my armpits, DEATH WISH! :l (TMI)

i may have just cried while i peed. (again TMI and you might want to get checked for a UTI)

AND I got some AWESOME news in an email yesterday. But I can't share it. I'm sworn to secrecy for now. (That is just so wrong! Don't say you have great news and then says it's secret!)

When calling a psychic hotline if they don't greet you by name, hang up (good point!)