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I am feeling a bit frazzled today...

It has just been one of those days....

I feel a bit like her-except I'm not laughing yet. That's a toy gun she just stepped on and it really, really hurt. So she is slipping over the edge now...I'm not quite there yet.
But I am here.... Ya! What she said!

But way, way past this point...

Oh! Ya that's about right..right there!

and I just know it will be one of those weeks too. Spring Break cannot get here fast enough!

So goodnight! I am sending myself to bed with a Cadbury Creme Egg and a good (non-serious) book. 

I hesitate...

I hesitate....don't you?

Sometimes I find myself holding back, when maybe I should just let it rip. (I'm not just talking about cheeky comments to rude people. ) I hold back much more than people think. I was just telling my dear sweet hubby the other day how much I truly censor myself in the guise of being nice. I often squelch my own talents as well, in the desire to seem humble and not out doing others. I hesitate to offer help and assistance not wanting to seem too pushy and over step boundaries. I hesitate to ask for help because I do not want to appear needy. I hesitate to speak out against what I think it wrong or needs changed, because I do not want to seem like a squeaky wheel. So I hid my candle or my blow torch- whichever the case may be in fear of blinding others with my own light. I wonder-am I doing a disservice to myself and maybe to others as well?

“Audacity augments courage; hesitation, fear.”- Publilius Syrus 


Mr. Syrus made a great point in the 1st century. There is such fear is hesitation. When you hesitate to do something your first instinct was to do that thing in the first place but then fear, pure fear, kicks in and you stop to rethink. Then it is too late- the moment is gone.


My new goal for this next month-April (my name. Which also means 'new beginnings'-by the way) is not to hesitate as much. I want to live in the moment more and stop holding back so much. 


So prepare to be BLINDED...or maybe just for me to be a bit more cheeky with the comebacks.  



I'm part of this Book Group and everyone always suggests such serious books (seriously like political autobiographies) and then when we chat about them we have to be all serious and positive and make them apply to our lives in some meaningfully uplifting way. While I think that most everything you consume-food or book- ends up affecting you in some way in the end... well all I can think sometimes is...Why so serious?

Can't we just read for fun? For a good laugh and little silliness? For entertainment?  Can't we just pick apart the heroine and her poor, poor choice of men? Or say- what was the author thinking with that ending? Who cares if he is C.S. was dreadful!

I'm looking at my friends reading lists on Goodreads and I am thinking WOW! These are dead serious books. Are you people honestly reading these or are they just staring at you from your night stand. Because I have a whole stack of THOSE kind of books...but don't count them as being read. 

I am not saying that I don't read serious books-cause I do. Between Oliver Twist and 1776, I just like to break it up a bit by throwing in a little Percy Jackson or some gushy teen romance by Sarah Dessen.

Am I alone?

Maybe I survive on this reading diet, because I teach and learn all day with my kiddos and we are very serious most of the time (learning is a serious businesses you know). Sometimes I just want to take a break from Science and History and Laundry and the News and escape to something not even resembling reality in any form and not really think too hard and just laugh and be entertained by some clever author who fills my head with a relaxing mush like Jane Austen (her books are mush heaven). Then I am ready to take on something more serious like War and Peace and the fact that this post was mostly run on sentences and fragments of thought.

Bless the hearts of the serious readers...may you sleep well tonight...because unlike me you do not stay up way, way too late finishing silly books to see if they have happy endings.


...waiting is so hard to do.

My niece Charlie waiting at my house for the cookies to be done.

It's not everyday...

...that you eat at a restaurant with a giant Chicken out front.

When Levi was home last we had taken him out for breakfast at this restaurant called Egg Factory by our house in Nampa (they have a Boise location too). A friend had told us it was great food and generous portions. It was! You definitely don't come away hungry. It was a really tiny place though and I felt a bit claustrophobic. The prices were pretty reasonable and they had a large menu with many options for breakfast. The boys said it was no  Beehive though. As in the Beehive Family Restaurant in Weiser.  You just can't reproduce small town taste.

Cats smile in their own way....

On the fitness front...

I can officially say that daily fitness in now a habit in my life.

Spiritual Sundays: U-turns are OK

I loved this thought and wanted to share:

""I am very aware that there are some of you who don’t feel virtuous or who have made mistakes. That is why a return to virtue is so important. You must know that you can return. You can change.

If I were going the wrong way in the middle of a marathon, and I realized my mistake, would I keep going? I would immediately turn around! Why? Because I would have lost valuable time and precious energy and strength, and it would be much harder for me to finish the marathon because of this extra distance and added time. I wouldn’t stay on the wrong course because no matter how long I ran there, I would never reach the finish line.

And yet for many who have made a moral mistake, a little voice keeps saying:

“You blew it. You can’t change. No one will ever know anyway.” To you I would say, Don’t believe it. “Satan wants you to think that you cannot repent, but that is absolutely not true” (For the Strength of Youth [2001], 30).

A return is always possible because of the Savior’s Atonement.

(by Elaine S. Dalton “You Can Return,” New Era, Mar 2010, 10–12)"

Ice Skating

Here are some pictures from a birthday party we went to for my best friends little girl Kelsi. We all went to Idaho Ice World in Boise. It was great fun. I didn't even fall on my butt.

More pictures to come after Tanya uploads hers, I mostly took photos for her on her camera. These were the only photos I got on mine.

This is my favorite one-my sister and her baby ice-skating. Baby Charlie was loving this and got mad if she stopped skating.

Niece Kailyanne and Kaleb, she was sad because she was not an instant ice princess once on the ice. I have sympathy for her because at one time I thought i should be able to do figure eights and beautiful spins...but after a few rear end and ice meetings I am just happy to stay upright while ice-skating.

Love Rocks!

 Ah Love! It comes in all shapes and sizes...and minerals.

Today I was asked to be a witness at the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Blue Rock.

It was a lovely wedding officiated over by Oliver.

They are now on their honeymoon in Oliver's pocket.

We expect Little Blue Rocks to be added to the new family within the year.

I've just had one of those days...

Maybe its the fact that I STILL have this cold that is hanging on for dear life
or that the time changed and my internal clock is off
or maybe it's Karma...I did accidentally cut that guy off in traffic the other day
or it could be I'm just cranky and blouted...cause I'm that too
or maybe you can only be aloud so many good days in a row and I've met my quota
maybe it's just a Monday and does anyone have a good Monday?
but it had been a truly unpleasant day
and I just want to curl up in bed and read a book and escape 
to some far, far away world all alone
 don't worry reality
I'll come back when I feel a little better
you can't get rid of me that easily

Just Something I Made: Owl in ink

I laugh... the people on freecycle giving away 2 male gerbils, cage, and all.

We adopted a pair of 2 male gerbils from a homeschool family giving them away-cage and all. Wow! What a great deal free pets-cage and all. Well those boys had babies! 6 babies! and we had to buy another cage and try to figure out the boys from the girls and then find them homes. Then those ones managed to multiply and we had had 4 liters of gerbils. Finding homes for gerbils is not easy, we also resorted to buying them cages and listing them on freecycle FREE to good home, cage and all. Eventually we got down to 2 ACTUAL male gerbils and I was NOT sad when they died a year later. Heartless-I know. Thank heavens for short rodent life cycles.

So HA! If you fall for the free pet- cage and all...jokes on you buddy.

 Look at them, those beady little eyes are LAUGHING at you!

Friday Confessional #2

I confess...I find it extremely annoying when my children are involved in activities, ran by other people where they do not provide proper exchange of information. For example: Time, location, and details about events held.  You think this would be simply a matter of a monthly calendar, perhaps a printed flyer for special event, or maybe a phone call the night before.  Calling the morning of-10 minutes before my child needs to be somewhere is not OK! Expecting my child to remember important details announced and relay them back to me accurately is not OK! Having one thing on the calendar and then calling the day of and changing time and really NOT OK with me! I have a mailing address, and email address, a cell phone with texting, a home phone, my child attends your events at least weekly and you still cannot get me information in a timely manner? I'm sorry I have a busy life, with multiple children and activities. Our calendar is full and if it is not on the calendar it won't get done. I do not have time to hunt you down and pound information out of you. I have been in leadership positions before. I have hosted countless events. If you want people to show up you must communicate appropriately and  remind them. Yes, even adults need reminders! You must be clear on details, otherwise they will not show up because you make it too hard for them to. Not sure if this was a confessional or an outraged explosion...but there ya go!

Mitchell Boys Star in ....

Oh! I Wish I Were An...

Oscar Mayer Wiener
That is what I truly wish to be
cause if i were a Oscar Mayer Weiner
everyone would be in love
oh everyone would be in love
everyone would be in love with me

I took the boys down to the Albertson's in Boise that their Uncle Jassen works at for a close encounter of the hot-dog kind. We got to participate in a genuine Oscar Mayer Wienermobile sighting. It was fun to check out this American icon. We learned a little about it's history and viewed a poster of the different Wienermobiles from 1963 on. We loved hearing the horn that sings the Oscar Mayer Wiener song. We even got in a little math at a display telling us how many hot-dogs tall, long, and wide the vehicle was. We came away knowing all the lyrics to the classic Oscar Mayer Wiener song. With wiener whistle and free hot-dogs in tow, we were forever changed.

Field trip: Idaho State Capitol Tour

Today we took a tour of the Idaho State Capitol Building arranged by the Treasure Valley Homeschool Meetup group. It was a great field trip! The capitol looks all shinny and new. They did so much restoration and took great care to maintain the historic look of the building interior. (See awesome pics below-House is Blue, Senate is Red.) We had been to the Capitol before the renovations and it looked old, worn out, dimly lit, and yellowish. It looks amazingly bright and light now. All that shinny white marble, white paint, and skylights making it glow.


Pillow Talk

If you don't already know, my husband is working right now as a long haul truck driver. 
( He's much cuter in person!)

Yep, he is the guy that gets your TP from factory to store. 

Have you hugged a Truck Driver lately? You should. 

You have no idea what those guys go through on a daily basis just to make sure Albertson's and Walmart are fully stocked when you shop. 
I'm not whining. ( I try to save the whining for only very special posts.) I'm just making the point that he is not at home sleeping nights because he is gone traveling-lots. (just so you can have TP)

That being said 
I just realized last night, even though I have a whole Queen size bed to my little 'ole self...I NEVER sleep on his side of the bed...or even in the middle. It is like there is an invisible line drawn down the middle of the bed...April's side and Levi's side. 

I tried laying on his side just to spite the invisible system. It just felt wrong. (Although all my pillows I have about 4 or 5...too many Levi says... never seem to abide by this unspoken separation of bed space. Pillows are like cats you know.) So I am thinking we may need to rotate our mattress more often as my side is getting used more than his and it may cause a lumpy mattress in the end. 

 I mentioned this to Levi and he was surprised and said "Really, you never sleep on my side?" Nope.
A little strange...I know. 

I was looking at some craft websites and I saw these darling pillow case designs 
that further designate His and Her sides of the bed
...or not.