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Our New Ward

So we are officially new members of the Nampa 4th Ward. Well at least the Ward Clerk knows we moved into the ward, and as soon as they read out our names over the pulpit-it will be official. "The Mitchell's have arrived!" the Bishop will shout as disco balls drop, spinning from the ceiling and we do a 70's style hustle down the aisle as everyone claps and cheers. So...that wasn't reality. Actually he'll read our names into the mic, we'll stand shyly, nod to those around us and quickly take our seats.

Fortunately- I married into a good last name, so people usually can remember Mitchell, pretty easily. Mitchell with two l's I always say-because it sounds cool. So we avoid alot of, "So what was your name again?" Srsly though, new people should just wear name tags. Shoot, the whole ward should wear missionary style name tags so we will know each others names. Maybe you have some awesome talent and can remember everyone's name in your ward, plus their 6 children's name, and their 4 generation pedigree chart...but I can't. So I say, we Mormons should take our 'peculiarness' up a notch and just wear name tags. What do you think?

The best news ever with Nampa 4th ward is....They aren't in need of professional Cub Scout Mom volunteers!! Don't get me wrong, I love the scouting program, but (wipes forehead, Whoo!) I am glad to just sit back and enjoy it for once and not be the one running the show.

However, the Primary Pres. did hint at a calling as the Sunbeam teacher..since I'm an honorary Sunbeam anyway. I'm in there with Oliver (Mr. Mood Swing) every Sunday. Plus, I kinda like the snacks! So Sunbeam teacher would not be so bad.

They have 6 boys in the Sunbeam class and 1 little girl all in pink. She loves me! Little girls love me for some reason, they are drawn to me like moths to a flame. Maybe they can sense that I am the only girl in my family and that I need some estrogen inspired companionship. I was her official head band repair specialist, as it kept slipping off her head in the back. Anyway, her mom had to pick her up early from class, and she gave me one last look and burst out crying because she didn't want to leave. How cute is that?!? You usually see those Sunbeams crying before and during class. I've never seen one be sad to leave. I just have that effect on people I guess.

All the boys liked their classes. Kaleb of course fit right in. His teacher said, "He fit right in, like he's always been here." Ian and Josef are in the same class and liked that. They do things a bit odd here. Appears that all the Senior primary boys and senior primary girls are taught separately. May have something to do with the fact that their are like 15 boys and 3 girls in senior primary. A lady shared with me her theory that there was gonna be a war when those boys grew up, so thats why all the boys. Hmmm...wonder why our old ward had mostly girls then?

We are not the only new family, 2 others families were new the day we came too. The ward grew by almost 20 people in one day. Hope they have enough chairs for us all!

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