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Little Joys

I seriously love Jean Webster books! She talks a ton about graditude and simple joys helping you overcome and thrive throughout her books and stories.
There are so many times in life when we are in search of some grand happiness that is rarely obtainable, I find it better to focus on the small joys life has to offer. In the actual moment they seem so much larger in your heart.  
the pleasure of someones company
a little nap snuggling on the couch
playing with a child
a big hug from a dear friend
a really good book
a nice fall day
a walk in a park
a smile from a stranger
a call from a friend
a really good meal
genuine affection
feeling the spirit of a home
crunching leaves underfoot
jogging in the cold
a hot bath
a sincere compliment
Wishing you small joys and tiny moments of pleasure today.


I have always been truly amazed at how life can seem so rich at what should be the hardest times. I am going through a divorce with Levi and although it's not easy everyday and there are tons of things to work out and I am sure more will come in the future, it is amazing how at peace I feel with the whole thing.

I have been double blessed to have some truly wonderful people in my life right now who love me very much and have done so generously and unselfishly. I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards them today for seeing me vulnerable and becoming soft places for me to land. I am a very independent and strong person and I have never truly had to depend on others before for much of anything, its a bit scary to be so vulnerable and a bit needy. I feel immensely loved.

 Another blessing is that the boys are doing so well and are so resilient. Its not as if our lives have always been easy- peasy anyway, they have had to deal with some tough stuff before; having a mother with depression, an absent father, moving around lots, etc. but I still worried about how they would do. The boys are adjusting really well to being in public school and the new schedule to their days. They seem to be handling the separation as well as can be expected for their ages. I am hoping with some more stability they will thrive in their new lives too.

There is still so much to get done and so many changes still to come. Its a great comfort to know that no matter what happens I am never alone and in my weakness I am really all the more stronger and happier and loved.

"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer."
~Albert Camus


Deer at Katherine Albertsons Park

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Pumpkin Carving Kaleb at Cub Scouts

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15 and counting

My baby turned 15 on Oct 6th!! He is shaping up to be an awesome guy.

Josef asked for a Minecraft cake and I was short on time and this is the Minecraft cake I came up with on the spot. 

He really wanted one of these puppets for his birthday. Ian bought one with his own money too. 

You can NEVER have too many Dr.Who t-shirts...right?!

Josef is taking Spanish is highschool and loves it. Levis parents got him this second cake for our Monday night dinner with them. He LOVES it!
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My niece has a pet squirrel (100% legal in the State of Idaho). It joined us for a game of Monday night cards. 

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Hyde Park Street Fair, Camels Back Park, Boise, ID

Took a friend who had NEVER been to the park, to the Hyde Park Street Fair at Camel's Back park in Boise Idaho. This is the famous view from up top.
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'First' Day of School

Kaleb and Oliver started at Meridian Elementary this week. They have only ever been homeschooled... so it really was a huge deal for us all. Kaleb was beyond excited to start school. He found 3 church friends on the playground right off the bat. He even had a few friends from church in his class. He likes his teacher and said he enjoyed his first day. I had a little conference with his teacher about where he was academically and she was super understanding of homeschooling since her sister homeschools her kids. Oliver was hesitant but made it through the day. His teacher seems super nice. He said a boy was mean to him, but by the end of the day they were friends. He was excited because they got free reading time and he 'read inside his head'. He saw a bunch of church friends at lunch and recess and that seemed to ease his discomfort about returning on Monday.

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