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Little Joys

I seriously love Jean Webster books! She talks a ton about graditude and simple joys helping you overcome and thrive throughout her books and stories.
There are so many times in life when we are in search of some grand happiness that is rarely obtainable, I find it better to focus on the small joys life has to offer. In the actual moment they seem so much larger in your heart.  
the pleasure of someones company
a little nap snuggling on the couch
playing with a child
a big hug from a dear friend
a really good book
a nice fall day
a walk in a park
a smile from a stranger
a call from a friend
a really good meal
genuine affection
feeling the spirit of a home
crunching leaves underfoot
jogging in the cold
a hot bath
a sincere compliment
Wishing you small joys and tiny moments of pleasure today.

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