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'First' Day of School

Kaleb and Oliver started at Meridian Elementary this week. They have only ever been homeschooled... so it really was a huge deal for us all. Kaleb was beyond excited to start school. He found 3 church friends on the playground right off the bat. He even had a few friends from church in his class. He likes his teacher and said he enjoyed his first day. I had a little conference with his teacher about where he was academically and she was super understanding of homeschooling since her sister homeschools her kids. Oliver was hesitant but made it through the day. His teacher seems super nice. He said a boy was mean to him, but by the end of the day they were friends. He was excited because they got free reading time and he 'read inside his head'. He saw a bunch of church friends at lunch and recess and that seemed to ease his discomfort about returning on Monday.

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