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After all this time...

After all this time you would think we knew each other pretty well. Being married to Levi for 11 years, you would think we would have gotten all the likes, dislikes, weird quirks down. RIGHT?!

Well I learned something new yesterday.
You see. I have a cold, it's been a head cold, but now it's all coming out my nose. (warning-this may gross you out) I am literally dripping. I even ran out of my VERY favorite tissue Puffs Plus with lotion and have had to use ordinary toilet tissue (my poor nose!).

I was on the phone with my dear sweet husband who is somewhere in California.
I said "Hold on a moment I need to blow my nose again."
He says "OK"
I blow.
"Ok, I'm back! I bet you are glad your not here to catch my cold."
And he says " Ya, and I'm glad I don't have to be attacked by your tissues as night."
"What?" I say(but is sounds  more like "Wa" because my nose is getting stuffy again already)
"When your sick you blow your nose and leave the tissues all over the bed next to you. It's like they crawl across the bed and want to touch me."
"Oh" I say taken aback that he even pays enough attention to notice my sick person habits.
"I'm sorry I say , I didn't realize you felt so strongly about this."
" Ya, you leave them all over the house too, where ever you sit there's a pile of tissue."
"Oh, well I do clean them up after I feel well again."
"But you leave them there, it's just gross. How hard is it to throw them away?"

This whole time I am reflecting on my nose blowing- tissue using habits. Yes, I do sit at my desk blow my nose and leave the tissue there, but I do clean them up after a while. When I am really sick it is hard to breathe at night so I do sleep with the box of tissue by my head blowing and dabbing. I had no idea it had bothered him so much all these years.
It made me sad. I felt bad for annoying him

And then I got mad.
"HEY!" I say (but really it sound more like "Ay!"), "I'm sick here. I don't feel good and my nose hurts because I ran out Puffs Plus with lotion. And your complaining about something that you aren't even having to deal with because your in California. I'm glad your not here. Cause I'd have to  leave a huge pile of tissues on your pillow!"

He quickly changed the subject.

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Arya said...

lol...thank you for the good laugh...Marriage seems all figured out when, but soon your loved one sends you a curve ball and never at the most opportune time for you...This has happened to me too...way more then I would have liked over the years and it still happens...

((HUGGS)) I hope you feel better soon.

Kristy Quinn said...

I don't know how I missed this post. I WILL understand Blogging thing one day. lol I loved this post... You guys are SO cute.. even with your runny nose issues. ;) It sounds like it was a really good thing Levi decided to change the subject hahaha

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