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Time4Learning: A Review

We were able to try out Time4Learning in the month of December. This was an incredible opportunity during the holiday season, with all the activities, parties and family events in the month of December. Time4Learning became my partner for educating my kids. While I fluttered about decorating, baking, and wrapping gifts I simply sent my children to the computer each day to grab some much needed learning time, between cookie eating and holiday TV programs. I had them log in each day and do a minimum of one lesson from each subject. The subjects are Language Art Extensions (which are high interest stories that support skills), Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

I have four children, so I was able to try out a broad range of Time4Learning levels. We used PreK, 1st grade, 3rd grade and 6th grade.

Oliver (PreK)simply loved it! He gets a little left out sometimes as we work on homeschooling. This was great for him because I would log him in for him to do 'his school'. I'd let him pick a themed box to work on (choice is huge for his age level). He loved to show me how many boxes he had done that session. It gave him a great sense of accomplishment, the ability to make choices, and have fun. I loved that he was learning too!

Kaleb(1st grade) likes the Playground portion of Time4Learning the best. After he does his lessons for the day I let him play there for a while. It is a great reward and motivation for him.He also enjoyed seeing how far he moved along in the program by the visual check marks placed over lessons completed. The lessons were fun and entertaining for his grade level.

Ian (3rd grade) says he really didn't like Time4Learning, because you have to read a little and then answer questions and he felt like he hadn't learned enough to answer the questions. This is why I feel Time4Learning is a great supplement, but wouldn't be adequate as your only source for curriculum and instruction. He enjoyed the playground part of Time4Learning too, with all it's games.

Josef (6th) thinks it was pretty fun. This is a pretty good review since it takes a great deal to impress him these days. The lessons are very visual, exciting, and interactive.  Time4Learning helped him review concepts we had been over in previous grades and was maybe a bit rusty at. While other high interest topics like Rome and Electricity and Magnetism kept him learning new things.

We give Time4Learning five stars for being a great homeschool supplement!!

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