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Pinewood Derby 2010

Ian is a Bear this year.
Go Bears!

I mean
Cubscout Bears-

He wanted to make his Pinewood Derby car in the shape of a truck this year. A Chevy truck. This made his father very proud. Ford bad, Chevy good.  I did the best I could to help him without Dad here. I'm no truck aficionado.

A lovely man who teaches Highschool wood shop in our ward, cut Ian's design out for him with his fancy power tools. (God Bless him for saving me that disaster.) Also,  a special mention should go out to Grandpa Mitchell who helped us weigh the car and gave us some fun weights. Ian thought these looked like little barrels so we put them in the 'bed' of his truck. 

Ian designed, sanded, and painted his speedy little truck on the kitchen table. I- the official pit crew added the wheels and attached the weight with my handy dandy hot glue gun. 

My favorite part is the windshield wipers, I think they look like it's eyes. Don't you?  Ian loves the flames...they make any car look faster. Don't you think?

Let the races begin!

I love this part! 
The cars go swoosh and the heads go woosh
-every time!

Isn't he cute! 9 is such a great age.

They gave out the most creative awards to the boys-old spark-plugs painted gold hung from ribbons around their necks. BRILLIANT!

The boys had tons of fun! 

Till next years race.....

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Kristy Quinn said...

Aw Ian's adorable! What a great job on his truck!! :D

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