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Birthday Ice Cream @ Baskin Robbins

I had no idea we had a Baskin Robbins by our house, see how unobservant I am!

It is very important to know where the nearest Basking Robbins is. You never know when you will need some ice cream. I am partial to the Rocky Road and the Bubblegum.

Lucky for me I have well informed in-laws, who took me and the boys to our nearby Basking Robbins for my birthday ice cream.  If you don't know where your local Baskin Robbins is you can find out here. Ours is really cute and they always have fresh cut flowers on the tables, not those yucky dust fake ones you see so much these days, but beautiful fresh bouquets of flowers. Very impressive.

I got a Banna Split but it's more like a Sundae with bananas as I get it with all vanilla ice cream, and only fudge topping. 
Josef and Grandma and Grandpa Mitchell got scooped Ice cream cones.
Ian got a Snickers Sundae.
The younger boys got clown icecream cones. 
Aren't they cute, we had to photograph them fast before they were eaten.

Kaleb's was almost gone by the time he got his picture taken.


Grandpa and Oliver.

Did you notice the fresh bouquet of flowers in the above picture?

Thank you for the birthday ice cream Grandma and Grandpa Mitchell!
It was very yummy!

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Jen said...

How cute! Whats funny was when you posted it I was eating ice cream!!!! I love Ice Cream! And the fresh cut flowers are cute, and so is the ice cream for the kids!!!

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