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Sometimes those automatic toilets flush when you are still sitting on them.

Sometimes you put on all your make-up and then forget mascara. (which we all know it is essential)

Sometimes you put your underwear on backwards and don't realize it until that evening.

Sometimes you walk into the Men's room in your hurry to relieve your bladder and you have to stay in the stall until your sure the bathroom is empty. 

Sometimes you are talking animatedly to a group of people and a bird flies by and poops on your head. (True story!)

Sometimes you say things out loud-when maybe you should have kept them to yourself.

Sometimes your kids are really honest-TOO honest and they like repeating things to strangers, when you have told them a million times DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS especially about what mommy said to daddy.

Sometimes you hear the music to Grease and you start doing the hand jive and your best friend asks you to "Please- Stop."  in a tone of voice that tells you they are mortified.

Sometimes you laugh out loud and then have to stop, because you realize your the ONLY one who thought it was funny.

Sometimes your 12 yr old son says "Your just a minivan kind of person!" like a minivan is the only car you would EVER want to drive and you drive one by choice.

Sometimes it dawns on you that you've lost your coolness somewhere between giving birth, buying a minivan, and belting out Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brother tunes aloud in said minivan. 

Sometimes life is funny and embarrassing and you can't believe all this is happening to you. 

"Have you ever gotten the feeling that you aren't completely embarrassed yet, but you glimpse tomorrow's embarrassment? "
-Tom Cruise ( who  knows a WHOLE lot about embarrassment) 

 Sometimes, Tom. Sometimes...

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Kristy Quinn said...

LOL that was hilarious! and birds ALWAYS poop on my head! hahaha I've been told it's good luck. If I believed in luck that would be awesome. haha They were prob. just trying to comfort me. I was afterall the one who got pooped on -not them. They were the ones laughing LOL

Tarasine said...

Thanks for a good laugh! I needed that tonight! I often wonder if there will come a time in the eternities when we will stop being embarrassed by all those embarrassing things from our pasts . . .

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