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My characters are not really made up people. They don't feel like a product of my wild imagination. They are very real to me. They are at once complex, passionate, full of emotion, and a whispering of life. They have trusted me to tell their story and I have no choice but to write it all down. I try to make sense of their tales to me. I try to breathe more life into their shadowy faces because they have something important to tell the world- through me.
(Image by Josh Otis.)

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WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Draw a character from the flame of thought
And let them bask in your glow that brought
Inspirations to aspirations to care
That their respectful images when laid bare
Discourage oppossing mutiny
To a thoughtful scrutiny
Of ficticious realism.

You sound like a really nice person. Now I am not religious, but God bless you. Thank you. Take care. Bye.

Kristy Quinn said...

As an author myself I definately felt what you wrote. They are 3 dimensional characters that I created based off of many real life people I know and love as well as know and don't love. (LOL) Oh and thank nyou for the instructions. I'm hoping to steal some time and add my award today! :)

Camryn said...

Isn't it fun to write? I've been writing my book for 9 years now and just finished it! It started the same. A compelling story that wouldn't let me go, shadowy characters that had a story to tell. It's a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but the finished product is sooooo worth it! Keep it up! I find that it's my "mommy outlet" MY time to get away from it all.

I'm not sure if you visit the Moms Blogger Club, but they have a writing group you can join. (All free) and get ideas and learn from people there.

Take care!

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