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Things That Make You Go "Hmm" #4

I have two this time...

We had Hot cocoa tonight and  I drank mine out of this handy dandy ceramic mug. It was a gift to my husband from a coworker way back when we were engaged. He worked a temp job at Hewlett Packard in Boise (it's closed now). He was part of a team that assembled and packed a certain model of printer, to be specific the HP Color Laser Jet 5/5 M Printer.
You may ask " How do you know this? That seems something rather silly to remember."
You would be completely right.
He only worked there 6 months and that printer is seriously outdated now. All the ones they made are probably in some landfill now adding to our techno-junk problem.
The co-worker, a lovely lady with a particular passion for ceramics, painted everyone who worked on the printer team their very own commemorative mug. It was complete with a hand painted and detailed printer illustration, catchy work phases they used while working  like "referbs", and the model of the printer along with it's final day of production. I can only imagine how long these must have taken her to paint and fire. It was totally cute and kind of weird.
The weirdest part yet is-
We still have this mug some 12 years later and here I am drinking my Hot Cocoa out of a mug with an ancient printer painted on the side. Hmmm...


I've been working on this pencil drawing of my niece Chyanne from a school photo of her for 3 days now. I just draw a bit at night to help me relax before bed. Well I left all my materials and my sketch book out on my night stand. I hit the ground running the next day without putting them away. That afternoon I went in my room to find this. I was a bit sad and even more sad that no one has admitted to it. (I am sure it was one of my boys) I didn't like the way her lips had been turning out anyway. but still it was like being vandalized. Not sure what to do about it... thinking I will just let it go. Hmmm...

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