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Ice Skating

Here are some pictures from a birthday party we went to for my best friends little girl Kelsi. We all went to Idaho Ice World in Boise. It was great fun. I didn't even fall on my butt.

More pictures to come after Tanya uploads hers, I mostly took photos for her on her camera. These were the only photos I got on mine.

This is my favorite one-my sister and her baby ice-skating. Baby Charlie was loving this and got mad if she stopped skating.

Niece Kailyanne and Kaleb, she was sad because she was not an instant ice princess once on the ice. I have sympathy for her because at one time I thought i should be able to do figure eights and beautiful spins...but after a few rear end and ice meetings I am just happy to stay upright while ice-skating.

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Kristin Rae said...

Wow! Never seen a stroller on ice before! (And I worked at an ice rink for 4 years!)

Anonymous said...

That looks like you guys had so much fun! What wonderful pictures!

Kristy Quinn said...

What fun pictures! I took ice skating when I was little. I fell on my butt- A LOT! LOL I don't ice skate anymore. It's better for others safety hahaha

Corine said...

FUN! I have always wanted to iceskate. I do inline skating and LOVE it! When I first started skating I fell a ton! Now I can skate backwards (inline, I still need iceskates to do ice)! :D

Life is like that... no matter what your goal is, if you just keep getting up and trying again after ever fall - soon you'll be a pro! ;) With Heavenly Father's help - there isn't anything we can't do! :)

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