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Doughnuts are Evil!


I am officially a runner. I am running roughly 20 miles a week. I go out with my running partner every weekday morning at 5 am (weather permitting).

I learned about this fun online community for runners (well any sort of exercise really) from my friend Christie called Daily Mile. It is a fun way to record your miles, times, etc and it keeps track of calories burned and pace. One feature actually tells you how many dougnuts you've burned.

Well people I am telling you PLEASE ban doughnuts. I have run 50 miles and only burned off 30 doughnuts. You would have to RUN 1.5 miles just to burn one doughnut off. Is it worth it? Is one doughnut worth 10-15 minutes of your blood, sweat, and tears. So I say, " Say NO to the doughnut...their evil!"

Truth be told I have never been a huge doughnut fan. Too sweet really, like sugar covered sugar. My husband is though-he thinks it is the breakfast of champions. YUCK!  So my doughnut ban is a bit biased...but still! The facts are still there-350 calories...over 100 from fat. Just say no to the doughnut!

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Arya said...

We don't have donuts ofen - actually rarely and then only as a special treat. My weakness is the maple bars, but then again they remind me of my grams ~ she just loved donuts and made them from scratch once a month.

Kristy Quinn said...

LOL! When I was all crazy into singing and having a really nice body, I would exercise 3 hours a day normally 6 days a week. I was insane I know (lol) Anyway, my husband would try to get me to cheat on my healthy eating/diet and when I would, I would get so mad at myself because I knew what I would have to do to burn it off. :/ It's just a bummer how darn tasty donuts are! lol

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