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Pillow Talk

If you don't already know, my husband is working right now as a long haul truck driver. 
( He's much cuter in person!)

Yep, he is the guy that gets your TP from factory to store. 

Have you hugged a Truck Driver lately? You should. 

You have no idea what those guys go through on a daily basis just to make sure Albertson's and Walmart are fully stocked when you shop. 
I'm not whining. ( I try to save the whining for only very special posts.) I'm just making the point that he is not at home sleeping nights because he is gone traveling-lots. (just so you can have TP)

That being said 
I just realized last night, even though I have a whole Queen size bed to my little 'ole self...I NEVER sleep on his side of the bed...or even in the middle. It is like there is an invisible line drawn down the middle of the bed...April's side and Levi's side. 

I tried laying on his side just to spite the invisible system. It just felt wrong. (Although all my pillows I have about 4 or 5...too many Levi says... never seem to abide by this unspoken separation of bed space. Pillows are like cats you know.) So I am thinking we may need to rotate our mattress more often as my side is getting used more than his and it may cause a lumpy mattress in the end. 

 I mentioned this to Levi and he was surprised and said "Really, you never sleep on my side?" Nope.
A little strange...I know. 

I was looking at some craft websites and I saw these darling pillow case designs 
that further designate His and Her sides of the bed
...or not.

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Kristy Quinn said...

Those pillow cases are too cute April. I don't have a lot fo experience sleeping without Tyler but sadly I most likely will soon. He lost his job last week and from what it looks like, he will be leaving me for 8 1/2 weeks. The girls and I are all sad but we know it's what's best for our family. I just don't look forward to sleeping without him :(

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