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Friday Confessional #2

I confess...I find it extremely annoying when my children are involved in activities, ran by other people where they do not provide proper exchange of information. For example: Time, location, and details about events held.  You think this would be simply a matter of a monthly calendar, perhaps a printed flyer for special event, or maybe a phone call the night before.  Calling the morning of-10 minutes before my child needs to be somewhere is not OK! Expecting my child to remember important details announced and relay them back to me accurately is not OK! Having one thing on the calendar and then calling the day of and changing time and really NOT OK with me! I have a mailing address, and email address, a cell phone with texting, a home phone, my child attends your events at least weekly and you still cannot get me information in a timely manner? I'm sorry I have a busy life, with multiple children and activities. Our calendar is full and if it is not on the calendar it won't get done. I do not have time to hunt you down and pound information out of you. I have been in leadership positions before. I have hosted countless events. If you want people to show up you must communicate appropriately and  remind them. Yes, even adults need reminders! You must be clear on details, otherwise they will not show up because you make it too hard for them to. Not sure if this was a confessional or an outraged explosion...but there ya go!

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Glamazon said...

Aaah, I'm with you. A three-year-old is not a reliable messenger.

Thanks for playing!

Jaymi said...

I loved it, I think I read it all in one breath! WHooo!

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