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Spiritual Sundays: U-turns are OK

I loved this thought and wanted to share:

""I am very aware that there are some of you who don’t feel virtuous or who have made mistakes. That is why a return to virtue is so important. You must know that you can return. You can change.

If I were going the wrong way in the middle of a marathon, and I realized my mistake, would I keep going? I would immediately turn around! Why? Because I would have lost valuable time and precious energy and strength, and it would be much harder for me to finish the marathon because of this extra distance and added time. I wouldn’t stay on the wrong course because no matter how long I ran there, I would never reach the finish line.

And yet for many who have made a moral mistake, a little voice keeps saying:

“You blew it. You can’t change. No one will ever know anyway.” To you I would say, Don’t believe it. “Satan wants you to think that you cannot repent, but that is absolutely not true” (For the Strength of Youth [2001], 30).

A return is always possible because of the Savior’s Atonement.

(by Elaine S. Dalton “You Can Return,” New Era, Mar 2010, 10–12)"

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Charlotte said...

This is so true. I really like the way you said it.
Have a great week.

Rhodema A. Cargill said...

Praise the Lord for the ability to repent and make a U-turn.

He is always ready to receive us!!

Thank you for this post.

rcubes said...

I'm always so grateful that our Lord is always forgiving. And I'm glad we have Him as our covering to ward off all the lies being thrown at us. Have a great week ahead to you and may God bless you richly.

Whidbey Woman said...

I've had to make U turns in my life lots of times! So glad the Lord forgives me.

Corine said...

I think this is a great post! :) And...thank Heaven for U Turns! :D We all need them... daily, for big and for small changes. And thank Heaven for all the great leaders who inspire us to have the courage and strength to take them!!!

Tricia said...

This is a profound truth that is sometimes hard to get from our minds to our hearts. So many people feel the shame from their past and that they can't ever be useful again. I liked the analogy of the marathon. We need to be kind to everyone, because so many are going through so much that they never show on the outside. Thanks for sharing.


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