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I laugh... the people on freecycle giving away 2 male gerbils, cage, and all.

We adopted a pair of 2 male gerbils from a homeschool family giving them away-cage and all. Wow! What a great deal free pets-cage and all. Well those boys had babies! 6 babies! and we had to buy another cage and try to figure out the boys from the girls and then find them homes. Then those ones managed to multiply and we had had 4 liters of gerbils. Finding homes for gerbils is not easy, we also resorted to buying them cages and listing them on freecycle FREE to good home, cage and all. Eventually we got down to 2 ACTUAL male gerbils and I was NOT sad when they died a year later. Heartless-I know. Thank heavens for short rodent life cycles.

So HA! If you fall for the free pet- cage and all...jokes on you buddy.

 Look at them, those beady little eyes are LAUGHING at you!

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Kristy Quinn said...

Oh my lol... too funny! Thanks for the warning. I would be one of the suckers getting them for free hahaha

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