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I hesitate...

I hesitate....don't you?

Sometimes I find myself holding back, when maybe I should just let it rip. (I'm not just talking about cheeky comments to rude people. ) I hold back much more than people think. I was just telling my dear sweet hubby the other day how much I truly censor myself in the guise of being nice. I often squelch my own talents as well, in the desire to seem humble and not out doing others. I hesitate to offer help and assistance not wanting to seem too pushy and over step boundaries. I hesitate to ask for help because I do not want to appear needy. I hesitate to speak out against what I think it wrong or needs changed, because I do not want to seem like a squeaky wheel. So I hid my candle or my blow torch- whichever the case may be in fear of blinding others with my own light. I wonder-am I doing a disservice to myself and maybe to others as well?

“Audacity augments courage; hesitation, fear.”- Publilius Syrus 


Mr. Syrus made a great point in the 1st century. There is such fear is hesitation. When you hesitate to do something your first instinct was to do that thing in the first place but then fear, pure fear, kicks in and you stop to rethink. Then it is too late- the moment is gone.


My new goal for this next month-April (my name. Which also means 'new beginnings'-by the way) is not to hesitate as much. I want to live in the moment more and stop holding back so much. 


So prepare to be BLINDED...or maybe just for me to be a bit more cheeky with the comebacks.  


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Corine said...

Good for you! :D ...bold but not overbearing.

gallery802 said...

I like your description of your blog content. thanks a for sharing it.

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