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Moving on

Quietly forgiving and moving on is a gift to God ~ and yourself. ~ Unknown

There are are few things that have happened this year that have bugged me. I've decided that going back in my mind and dwelling on them is not helpful at all. Confrontation as fun as it seems in theory is just so messy in reality and rarely results in closure. So I guess I am just getting good at moving on. Somethings and some people, you just can't fix. So you move along and just let go. That sort of thinking could seem despondent I suppose. As melancholy as it seems, I think it can be healthy. The same as seeing an accident scene on the side of the freeway, the police and ambulance lights flashing. You want to stop and help somehow, but the traffic cop is waving his hands to say, " Just move along, nothing to see here, nothing you can do, move along."

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