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Christmas Photo Shoot

The deadline is fast approaching to mail off Christmas cards. We try to always send a photo with ours each year. Its fun to look back on past Christmas photos. Which reminds me-I should make them all into some sort of cutesy album. (I'll add that to the One day One day I'll have so much free time to do all the cutesy things I want to do.) Levi was home and we grabbed the chance to get the photo out of the way. We had too much fun though. Let us know what you think.
p.s. Just click on them to view them larger

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Lisa E said...

Too cute. I love the last one the VERY best.

A Modern Mother said...

That is WAY too cute. Love the red noses!

Camryn said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! Your family christmas pics look like the one I just posted on my site!!

OOps, sorry, I found you on MMB :)

This made me laugh--I'm now following you!

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