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It's been one of those months....

This month I have been such a slacker homeschool mom. I have been very unmotivated to plan much of anything exciting. Well-We subscribed to Time 4 Learning this month. All four boys have an account...even Oliver. Thank you Time 4 Learning for saving this lazy homeschool mom. The boys take turns on two computers doing their lessons for the day. I have them do at least one thing from each subject. They love it! I was surprised at how much they are actually learning. It's not all fun and games...but it is you see!

I don't think I would use it for my sole form of homeschool curriculum but it is an incredible supplement or a great thing to use when you need a break from lesson planning-like me.

Oliver(PreK) and Kaleb (6) love it the most. They like seeing all the 'school' they have done. Oliver is done with the PreK 1 activities and has moves on to PreK 2...he likes seeing the little check marks that show what he has completed.

Time 4 Learning isn't just a homeschool thing either. I recommended it to my sister who doesn't homeschool. Her kiddos will be home for the Christmas holiday for 2-3 weeks. A little Time 4 Learning a day may keep holiday mush brain from setting know when you completely forget everything you have ever learned over Christmas break.

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