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It's Ok To Write Badly

Josef age 11 has been struggling with his writing assignments for homeschool. This has been hard on me as writing has always just poured out of me. Talking to him I discovered he was mostly just afraid.

" I don't know what to write!" he'd exclaim. "I'm not doing it right!"

"Write anything, it doesn't have to be good or bad, just put that pencil on your page and write." I'd demand.

Soon we reached an understanding when he started a writing journal similar to my hundreds laying about the house that I pick up and jot down ideas into. I gave him fun prompt and said, "Just write!"

For his Journal I don't grade it. I do not look at it for punctuation, spelling, or good grammar. It's just a tool to get the ideas down, to get him writing his thoughts on paper.

He has written some amazing stories or beginnings of stories, one he ever broke up into chapters. Humorous and funny tales sprouted from his imagination. The vocabulary usage impressive!

It is surprising how freeing it can be to allow yourself to 'JUST WRITE'. Often my own best ideas come from the process of just writing for the sake of writing. It's like thinking aloud on paper or perhaps just listening to your self without judgment.

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