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Meet Rosie


We were blessed with a new addition to our family this month.  We hadn't mentioned her earlier because we were waiting to see if she was going to want to be adopted by us. We also wanted to make sure Chubs would accept her. Well she loves us, we love her, and Chubs-he tolerates her. She is just 6 months old and still in that kitten stage. She loves to play, lick (which is kind of icky), and be held. The boys are having a blast with her. She helps entertain (annoy) Chubs who is 5 years old now. Which is good for him becuase it keeps him young and active. They sort of remind me of Garfield and

She was a stray found in our complex and was about to take a car ride to the Boise Humane Society with our building managers. All the shelters in our area are VERY full, its a sad time of year for unwanted pets. We (the unsuspecting victims) were just there to reserve the Conference Room and innocently asked about the meowing in the office. We held her and feel in love.

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