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A trip back in time...

I was cleaning up my Outlook email program today and I came across this really, really old email from 2004. 

 boys and their cousins 2004

At the time we just had 3 kids-Josef was 6, Ian was 3, and Kaleb was a baby. You can tell from the email I was a young mother and worried and also how nice I was. I would not apologize for the poop thing now. After all everyone poops. Right? And if you don't, you should go to the ER immediately. 

It also illustrated how much more laid back I am now (is that a good thing) and how much I have learned. Both Kaleb (6) and Oliver (5) have some speech issues-I know so much now I could rattle them off for you. I am not overly alarmed, because I know more now. Most kids do not develop all the necessary speech sounds till age 8-10.  Many will have problems with 'r' and 'th' and enunciating constants. They will usually pick these skills up without intervention, just like late walkers or crawlers catch up to their peers.  There are also many things you can do at home to assist them, like reading aloud, talking to them, making them communicate (not giving them a cookie until they say cookie or attempt to say it), and speech therapy activities and games. Ian's speech issues were very severe back then so the hearing testing and speech therapy was needed and well worth the cost. But I think I would not have been so panicky if I had known then, what I know now. 

Anyway, I thought this email was a fun flashback to 2004.

Hello, everyone!

As most of you know Ian has suffered from a speech delay for quite some time, he had gone from barely speaking even one word, understandable, to now, speaking in 3-4 word sentences. He is still having problems with pronunciation of some consonants sounds, but this is normal since pronunciation skills are not fully developed until age 7. He has come a long way and we are so happy to have him talk to us no matter how silly he is! Ian sat on my lap and told me a story about animal (his favorite tiger toy). I wrote it down for him and repeated it back to him. Here is Ians his own words!


One nice little animal.

One animal outside.

One animal inside.

Two animal outside.

But mama Animals outside too.

One animal outside.

One animal inside.

Animal outside poop.

The End

Sorry if the poop part offends anyone. We are also working on potty training Ian ,so poop is a topic in our home daily.

Anyway...I hope you enjoyed his little story as much as we did. Having him say that many words consecutively is such a blessing.


The Mitchells

Levi, April, Josef, Ian and Kaleb

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