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Book Notes: Charlotte Mason Study Guide-Topic #1 Part 1

These are notes from my reading of Charlotte Mason Study Guide by Penny Gardner

Study Topic #1
Charlotte Mason: A Woman of Wisdom page 1

Charlotte Mason
  • born January 1, 1842 in England
  • was an only child to parents who were only children
  • had no extended family
  • at 16 her parents died and left her poor
  • at 18 she went to teachers college
  • She taught at Davidson school in Sussex for 12 years, quitting due to poor health
  • she wrote and published a popular geography book about England
  • At age 42 she began to give lectures
  • She published Home Education from these lectures and continued her carreer lecturing
  • in 1887 she starte the Parents Educational Union
  • in 1890 the Parents Review newsletter was started
  • in 1892 she founded the Parents National Educational Union and House of Education (a governess training college)
  • she dies in 1923
  • at the time of her death every public school in Gloucester county and a few others throughout Britain used her methods
  • Coal mining children as well as affluent were given a good education per her ideals
Children are Persons
  • Charlottes example
    • she treate all with courtesy and respect
    • gave dignity to others by first treating them with dignity
    • never prone to 'mood' (I am so bad at this...must change!)
    • radiated gaity and affection
    • serene happiness
    • " Always rememeber persons matter more that things. Don't say anthing that will leave a sting." ~ CM (AMEN!)
Masterly Inactivity (this is SO hard)
  •  do not step in to tak iniative from the child
  • CM never appeared anxious
  • she simply stated her belief in a principle and awaited for other to learn them on their own
Bringing Out the Best in Others
  •  she inspired all who knew her-bringing out the best in them
  • "Her power to  inspire deep personal affection in the hearts of many who never saw her was remarkable." (hence the name for my blog)
Words of Wisdom
  • " Education, like faith, is the evidence of things not seen...The only fit sustenance for the mind is ideas... Our business is to give children the great ideas of life, of religion, history, science; but it is the ideas we must give, clothed upon with facts as they occur, and must leave the child to deal with these as he chooses." ~CM

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keri said...

Love those Words of Wisdom!
I printed up the mini-pocket pattern.
It seems like a nice easy project.

Silvia said...

Inspiring notes and quotes, and I agree with your "pink" remarks, I got to work at that myself!

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