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Rob and I

I was so hesitant to jump into reading Robinson Crusoe for book group this month.

I was afraid it would be dry and awful and too detailed like Swiss Family Robinson. After I spent a little time reading it today, I love it. The language is great. I wish we all still talked like that.


Well, Levi is home tonight. I picked him up around 8pm. Wohoo! We just watched Julie and Julia (Levi's idea) and it was nice. I am not a foodie though so apparently I don't really get it-the whole love affair and relaxation of cooking. But what I do get is how a book can change your life. I also thoroughly enjoyed Julie's melt down and tantrum in only the way that someone who has had one also can enjoy it. Needless to say- it did not inspire me to cook French. It did make me very hungry though. Good thing we had picked up Rocky Road at Fred Meyer on the way home. Levi is off again tomorrow morning- headed to Salt Lake.

Off to cuddle!
Rob and I will have to hold off on our growing relationship till my husband has gone off again.

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New Cars said...

A good Cooking can gain the heart of anyone because the everyone likes delicious food. Thank you

Jen said...

I loved Julie & Julia it was heartfelt and adorable. Though I'm with you and not a total foodie Julie is the one who inspired me to blog about my writing as she did with trying to break out of her shell, I can appreciate someone who takes a chance and as I dove in to join her I realized it was the best thing I coudl have ever done!

Amy in Peru said...
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Amy in Peru said...

We read Rob for AO last year. LOVED it. We all got very into it and learned a lot. It may have been one of the most impacting reads overall. I think what also made the most impact was reading it in the little chunks like we do for AO.

I haven't seen that movie... but someone in real life said I remind them of it somehow, I can't remember what it was now. :) oh well. I guess I'll have to see it.

amy in peru

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