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CM Subjects

I'll be teaching 4 children next year and I like to be organized and prepared. Some people can wing it and be calm, cool and collected. Not me. I need some kind of order just to function properly. I need it all to make sense before I can begin.

I wanted to have pretty detailed plans so that our days run smoothly and easy. I have been going through the subjects taught so I can get all the materials organized. It has been more daunting than I thought. So far I have the following subjects down as suggested to be taught. I'm sure this list will be edited many times over, but for now it helps me to see it all typed out.

  • Scriptures
  • Geography
  • History
  • History Biographies
  • Science
  • Science Biographies
  • Natural History
  • Nature Study
  • Outdoor Nature Walks
  • Language Arts
    • Poetry
    • Literature
    • Free Reading Time
    • Grammar
    • Phonics
    • Handwriting-Copywork
    • Spelling-Dictation
    • Narrations-oral and written
  • Languages-Latin and other
  • Math
  • Art
    • Art Lessons
    • Artist Study
  • Music
    • Composer Study
    • Instruments and Music Theory
    • Hymns
    • Folksongs
  • Handicrafts
  • Memory Work
  • Shakespeare
  • Plutarch
  • Family Read Aloud
  • Life Skills
  • Unstructured Play time- outdoors and indoors
  • Fitness, Health, and Safety

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Amy in Peru said...

sounds very much like we have going on at our house! ;) I'm very much like you... gotta have a plan! I posted on it recently too :)

amy in peru

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