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Planning and Learning

“A truly good book teaches me better than to read it.
I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint.
What I began by reading, I must finish by acting. ”
Henry David Thoreau

I am planning to use mostly an Ambleside Online curriculum next year. The benefits are it is largely planned out for me already. I simply need to make sense of it all for myself, create a doable schedule, gather materials and stick with it. Simple. Right?

I am also new to CM methods and I hear that's the key to making a reading list into an education.

I've got all my CM books out and am reading a bit from that one and a bit from this one. I'm soaking up the inspiration and trying to get a feel for how to do it.

Habit Revisited by Mary Woodis- This is a very inspirational book with many scriptural references. We are working on her first habit suggestion right now-OBEDIENCE. Who couldn't use some help in that department?

Charlotte Mason Study Guide by Penny Gardner - This is a quick read, but gives a great overview and some practical ideas.

Charlotte Mason Companion- A truly thoughtful book that I am soaking in bit by bit.

The library just called and said Home Education by Charlotte Mason is waiting for me on hold.  I tried reading online but I wanted the book so I could read while the boys had their outdoor time each day. I plan on doing my own written narrations on the book.

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Amy in Peru said...

good job! AO is awesome! we love it that is :)
I'm looking forward to sharing the journey with you... we're all still learning! share with us as you learn!! love your blog! pretty :)

amy in peru

breastisbest said...

Sounds fascinating! I want to borrow the habit one. I need to work on myself so I can help my children!

Michelle said...

Well, I want to borrow Habit Revisited, too! Maybe we should ask the library to purchase a copy. We could definitely use some help in the "good habits" area :-)
AO makes things really easy. I just take the weekly schedule and plug that work into our weekly schedule along with the core work that is suggested for that year. Once that is done it is so much less intimidation than looking at that huge list of "attainents"!

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