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Walk, Don't Run!


If you are a mother, you have said this phrase or a version of it on SEVERAL occasions, especially if you have one of those kids who only has one

Kaleb has heard this phrase more than my other boys, so you'd think maybe that would make him slow down but no, he does not. Inevitably he got hurt.

I had just gotten home from Planet Beach with my Mom and Josef tells me Kaleb feel down the stairs and is now laying in my bed. I went up and checked on him. He said his arm hurt. It looked a little swollen but nothing else, I was thinking a sprain maybe. When I asked him what happened he said, " I was just going down stairs and I don't know what happened and then I fell down and bent my arm back. " 
" How were you going down the stairs?"
"Just walking."
"Well, walking quickly."
"Were you running?"

After getting the REAL story, I learned it had made a popping noise when he fell on it. In we went to the ER, because of course it is a Saturday at 5pm and the Urgent Care place just closed at 4pm. 

We got some lovely X rays, that showed Kaleb had a buckle fracture across his radius and  ulna just above his wrist.

They set his arm in a splint and referred us to an Orthopedist to visit, after the splint was on for one week. At the Orthopedists we got a few more x-rays of his arm. They confirmed it was fractured. Then let him pick out his cast color. The glow in the dark and camouflage options were pretty amazing, but he opted for his favorite color blue. The Orthopedist was great with Kaleb, and told him everything he was doing and why. He even explained how the cast worked and how the gauze set up. As it was setting it made a fun crackling noise, like Rice Krispies in milk as the chemicals in the resin were activated and began to harden. Thank you Dr. Schneider!

Oh! By the way...Walk, Don't Run is also the title of this cute and funny Cary Grant film. He is a bit older in this one, but still very handsome. It is set during the housing shortage of the Summer Olympic Games in 1964, Cary Grant and younger man are without accommodations and answer and ad from an American who is offering a room. The young woman forgot to specify she wanted a FEMALE roommate. Cary Grant acts as a sort of charming and annoying cupid between the young lady and the young man. Fun movie!


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WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Rrrrrrr, I am so sorry for this incident that led to an accident, that became prevalent after some influential discussion.

You are a great mother, and I am maternally thankful for motherly nature in females.

This is a well written piece.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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