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A Day at Zoo Boise

 Levi was home for Halloween weekend. We were headed to Julia Davis just to play at the park, when we saw the zoo and it was just too tempting. We had a great afternoon with Levi.

 We love the prairie dogs and they were especially fat this year, which just enhanced their cuteness 100 %.

 These turtle shells are so much fun for the kids...
 ...and the adults.
 Turtle, Turtle!
 Oliver loves this giant Komodo Dragon. They look like mini dinosaurs to me.

 Josef hiding behind a large maple leaf.
 Look, we're nesting!

 Oliver had no trouble making friends here.
Ian's favorite type of animal are the cats. Apparently this is a Leopard, not a Cheetah. I was informed by Ian that you can tell by the pattern of the spots.

These are Wort Hogs and I was telling Oliver how it was Pumba from the Lion King and I started singing to them "Hakuna Matata" and their little tails began to wag. When I stopped singing their tails were still. I started singing again and the tails wagged again. They liked it!

Here's Oliver with a giant snake. He wasn't too scared though, we've seen bigger live snakes at my friend Tanya's house.

Well that's a wrap! Sometimes you just gotta take a trip on the wild side.

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