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Veteran's Day

Happy Veterans' Day 
to all those who have served!! 
Thank you so much!!

I am getting this posted really late, but if I can push the Publish Post button by counts right?

The photo above is my oldest son Josef, he wanted to be a Marine for halloween. The jacket he is wear is actually his Grandfathers unifirm from the 60's. He looked so handsome and I love that he would be willing to serve out country and knows that is an option for his future.

A few days ago the boys and I went to a presentation out at Gowen field hosted by Idaho Military History Museum. We had never been there before. It was a great museum! They had many displays ranging from the civil war to present. It was fun pointing out the different branches of the military to the boys and the various wars and which of our family members served and at which time. There were also so gun and canon demonstrations the video below is of everything going off at the same time, again the weapons range from those used in the Civil war to those used in the present. We had a great time and learned a bit of military, world, country, and family history. We also couldn't hear very well for a while after all the canons and guns were done. : )

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Renae said...

Wish I could've come! Looks like you made some wonderful memories...

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