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The Dentist

I had a few close encounters with the Dentist this week. 

This first one was when I went in for pain, which turned out to be from my wisdom teeth coming in. Apparently at 29, I have the mouth of a 19 year old, which would be flattering, except it really hurts to have those molars coming in. 

Lucky me! They are just starting to come in so we have to wait a bit till they are erupted. Erupted like a volcano, hence the large amount of pain building up under my gums. 
Wah! Let me whine a bit, ok, just humor me.

The next encounter was for my regular cleaning because of course during the other visit they noticed I was overdue and scheduled me A.S.A.P for a routine torture session...I mean cleaning. 

Once in the chair, they lay you back and shine a bright light in your face. That way you are blind and don't see them coming at you with sharp instruments. You are then asked to lay there for an undetermined amount of time with your mouth wide open, trying not to drool on yourself, while a masked and gloved hygienist scrapes your teeth and stabs your gums repetitively. All the while you are laying there unable to talk or defend yourself as they lecture you on your bad dental habits and make lame jokes. When you are all done they send you on your way with a free toothbrush... like that's going to make it all better!!

 I am always so glad to get out of that chair!!

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