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Sweet Tooth

I just love Halloween candy!!
I dress my kids up all cute and walk them door to door letting them beg for candy from our neighbors. 

Then we come home and I get to raid their buckets for my favorites. 

Hey, I am owed! 

If I have to put up with thir sugar high and then low.I better be sugared up too.

I don't take all their candy, just a few favorites.

Number one confiscated candy being the chocolates, like mini Snickers bars and tootsie rolls. 

I also am fond of those little cinnamon bears, which are really too hot for kids anyway, mine always spit them really I'm rescuing them. Its a charitable act.

I enjoy red licorice too, especially Twizzlers which are SO 1980 something.

Two of my very favorites are the Green Apple Blowpops and Apple Jolly Ranchers, because they taste like 6th grade. One taste and it's spring one more month till schools out, I am on the bus ( which smells like rubber, exhaust fumes, and stinky feet) riding home from middle school my window half rolled down, whispering with a friend about some cute boy.

 My all time favorite candy to find in my kids Halloween buckets would have to be Banana Laffy Taffy. It is king of taffy flavors and you just can't beat the bonus joke on your wrapper. My sister and I used to read these jokes aloud and just roll on the floor laughing, not because they were all that funny, but it was just fun to laugh.

Unfortunately it is November now and all that's left of the Halloween candy are the stuff no one wants to eat. I'll have to wait till next October for a bite of nostalgia for my sweet tooth.

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