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Thanksgiving Weekend

The Mitchell's had a great Thanksgiving weekend!! Did you?

First off we started last Monday night with a Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner at my SIL Heathers house, which was very yummy.

Then Levi got home Wednesday night, I picked him up kissed him goodbye and headed out for a Girl's Night Out singing Karaoke with my favorite girls Tanya, Tambi, and Stacey. We are never boring together.

On Thursday we ate our official Thanksgiving dinner at Golden Corral in Boise with Levi's parents. We love going there, this was our 4th year. It's become a family tradition and my most favorite holiday. No cooking, no cleaning, no huge grocery bill, and no trying to figure out what to do with all the leftovers. It's my low maintenance holiday and lets me focus on gearing up for Christmas, which we all know is the best holiday EVER!!

Early morning Friday, Levi and I got up early and shopped till we felt like dropping. Got a few good deals on Christmas gifts for the mini Mitchell's. We went out to lunch at Tucano's Brazilian Grill which is really yummy. You should go there, if you haven't yet. After lunch we were so stuffed and so sore from shopping we could barely walk out. We made it home in time to store the Christmas gifts in storage and pull out all the Christmas Decorations in anticipation of the weeks of decorating Levi's Dad does for Christmas.

 Nevada Wolf Pack cornerback Duke Williams #20 breaks up a pass intended for Boise State Broncos wide receiver Austin Pettis #2 at Mackay Stadium in Reno, NV on Friday night Nov. 26.
Joe Jaszewski / Idaho Statesman

Then we were off for date night  to watch the BIG game-BSU vs Nevada on a BIG screen. We even had matching blue and orange fleece pullovers on, it was cute. Still wish I had gotten a photo of that..Ah well ..maybe next game. Wow! What a game it was too! Nevada won which is sad for BSU. It was such a close game lots of tied scores, down to seconds in the game,  lots of suspense and Boy was it sad when we lost. Levi and I had a nice evening out though.

Saturday was another early morning as we headed to Boise with the boys to participate in the Boise Holiday Parade. The theme this year was Christmas Around the World. We were hoping it wouldn't rain, and thank goodness it didn't! It was really cold though and it snowed the whole time. A local homeschool mom hosted a Homeschool float this year. She organized it all and it went really smoothly...she is amazing!! We even won the Children's Choice award. It was cold, but fun...cold fun. I just love parades!!

Well now it is Sunday, Levi headed out early this morning to play with traffic and snow and ice for the next few weeks. I'm exhausted and am off to take a nap now. Ta Ta for now!

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WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving with you loving family.

You know, when you say grace you are talking to God, and in every person there is a grace, as grace in essence is Mother Nature, as she grows the food and warms your hearts!

Thank you. love LOVE, Andrew. Bye.

Arya said...

Looks like a great way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday.

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