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Sunday Citar: Loving Others

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."
Mother Teresa

Dear Reader,

I am so sorry I am about to ramble, bear with me. Hope it makes some sense, if me anyway.

We are all connected to one another in this life. Each interaction with another person,wither positive or negative binds us to their experience like a tiny thread. Sometimes it is hard to understand why people do the things they do or even why we ourselves do things. Most of the time we are good people. We are doing the best we can with what we have, or don't have. We come from different perspectives and are on different paths.We try to make the places where our paths connect with others, like thread, a positive thing. We can glow with love, kindness, and compassion. We have the ability to love greatly and uplift others, so that they are made so much braver, stronger, and brilliant having known us. But sometimes the threads we tie to others cause pain, or damage, or hurt and we change who that person is and how they see us.The damage can be intentional or more often just from neglect. How fragile the balance can as we interact with one another.

There is one key ingredient that often makes all the difference in how these threads are bound. The ingredient is love. Love is powerful stuff. I am not talking about the mushy sort of love, but merely the affection and acceptance of others. Love is an attitude, an emotion, and a way of seeing others.  If you love someone, you do not notice so much their faults. You see them as a friend, as an equal, so you are not so shy about talking to them, accepting them, showing them compassion. They can feel your affection for them and it makes your life and theirs a little easier.

There is a huge difference between truly loving a person and just knowing you are supposed to be loving toward a person. We have all felt it, that kind, well meaning person, who wants to love you, but has an awkward way of going about it. They want to serve you, but their heart is just not in it. Most of the time they don't even taken the time to know you, and jump straight to trying to serve needs you don't even have. Love  does not lie and it can't be faked. So step back, try to get that lovin' feelin then befriend them and see who they are and what they may need. No one likes a clumsy lover. (hee hee)

I have found myself in situations where I just really didn't like someone...not for a particular reason, just they didn't seem to fond of me either, so why bother liking them. It's a bad attitude- I know. Later on I usually have my bad attitude weighing heavily on my heart. In repentance I try to challenge myself to love them. Not just jump in all half-hearted and  go try to be their friend or anything (remember no clumsy lovers), just to feel love toward them, in spite of anything else. Let me tell you, it can be hard. It is so much easier just to not like people. In fact its pretty easy, you can almost always find something wrong with people.  I find when I learn to love them, things change a little. No, we do not become best friends, but I feel different and I see that person in a different light. The thread that connects us is not indifferent anymore because of neglected, but full of love and possibility.

Wishing you lots of love.


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